Top 5 Best Drill Press Table Reviews

Drill press table is a necessary material for the drilling process. Drill Press Table is the platform which keeps aligning the machine and the material to align together properly. To have proper drilling, you need the best drill press table available on the market. choosing the perfect drill press table is very important to have proper drilling with high quality and accurate finishes in the drills.

To find perfect drill press table, one should understand the proper quality and uses of it. Also, he should first choose the table one must first assess the type of work he wants to do. Alter that he should choose the type of drill press machine according to the match with his work. After doing these things, he should choose the type of drill press table according to his job nature.

Top 5 Best Drill Press Table reviews

When choosing the best class drill press table, you should consider the quality, stability and built quality of it. As there are lots of labels and varieties of drill press tables are available in the market here we chose five the top five drill press table according to our analysis so that you can choose the ideal type for your needs.

MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table and Fence

MLCS 2326 Drill Press Table and Fence

MLCS 2326 is known for its lightweight and at the same time versatile nature. If you want something lightweight still versatile, then this is a must go for a brand for you. Lightweight table for drill press works with ultimate flexibility. If you are a woodworker or are interested in lightweight woodworking drilling works, then this drill press will meet your need.

Also, this table is made with melamine so that it guarantees you that there is no extra weight of the table. That is why you can easily maneuver it without concern about the burden. This table has a convenient size of 12” *24”.  It will provide the support to the drill press to process any kinds of and sizes of material without any problem.

This table features 2 T-tracks so that the users can hold an object correctly. The two tracks setting let you control the material during drilling. So, placing the materials to the right direction will be much easier and appropriate for this feature.  In addition to that, the adjustable fence allows adjusting the holding power of the table for perfect and forceful drilling experience.

I love the excellent quality of this drill press. The sturdiness will let you use it for a long time without any problem. Also, this table changes to the most of the drill press out there. In any case, if it does not fit with it then it is very easy to drill a hole in a suitable place to set it up and clamp it there. You can also use this tool like a stop block on the T tracks and router table as an added advantage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes T-Track Hold down for holding object properly
  • Comfortable size with 12” *24” for a drill press table
  • Add versatility and accuracy to your drill press
  • Comes with high quality convenient metal T-track Clamps
  • Can utilize the adjustable fence during drilling

Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

The most eye-catching act of Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table is that it has been designed to lessen the vibration caused by a drill press machine. Sometimes the whole vibration can be eliminated by this remarkably built table. I was wondering of the reduction system of this table. Then I find out about the sturdy design of this drill press table. The sturdy design helps a lot to reduce the vibration.

This table is perfect for not only the drill press but also for many bench-top tools like scroll saws, chop saws, planers, and band saws. The strong heavy duty construction quality let you use a heavy drill press on this table. Arched support cross braces on top give incredible enduringness and capacity. So, no matter how heavy the items is, this best drill press table will support heavy metals during operations.

Adjustable rubber feet and flared legs ensure stability and firm grip even on irregular surfaces where the floor might not be level. The D2056 Shop Fox Tool Table is designed to provide you a sturdy, stable work surface. This table has a 700 lb. Weight capacity and even, so it is light enough to be portable. I didn’t have any problems in moving this table. I love the overall design of this table, which is really simple.

The simple design makes it very easy to assemble. Also, using this table is really comfortable for perfect head positioning during drilling. The 13 inches * 23 inches * 1-inch butcher block laminated work area surface is the perfect dimension for any bench-top tools. There is also an alternative for adding a second shelf to the base, resting on the cross brace supports. This ledge can cut from any solid wood, plywood, particle board or MDF material.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a sturdy design that cuts down machine vibration
  • This table support cross braces, which gives incredible strength
  • Butcher block finished table top measures 13*23-Inch
  • The heavy duty construction has a 700-pound weight capacity
  • Comes with an adjustable foot with footprint
  • This simple table Very easy to assemble and move

Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70

Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70

The most exceptional thing about this table is that it is minuscule in size. So you can easily place it in a small space in your home and garage. Additionally, the clamps and the other tools that come with it can also be attached and paired with the other machines and tables if anybody in need of these.

So, these two features give excellent maneuvering and flexibility with the drill press table. With Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70 you can position the cross slider more precisely with the help of the ruler that comes with the table. So, working with sophisticated operations will be accurate and in with high quality.

To save it from the dust there is also a set of step clamps and a protector that hover at the top of the spindle. I love the protection system that comes with this excellent drill press table. You will have to spend fewer times in cleaning this item. You will also love the flexibility of this drill press which will let you concentrate on drilling with a perfect head position.

Also, this table is suitable for the kind of projects where the works need to be done precisely in small types of objects. You can easily mount small drill presses like Craftsman 10 inSE 97511MDP and other small drill presses on this up table. In addition to that adjustments can be done with the two hand wheels so that you do not fluctuate even a tiny bit.

There is no dial option on the wheels, and the usual problem of the backlash is nullified by the dovetails which also can be adjustable. This adjustable system lets you use and move it freely without any hassle. It has traveling capacity to X and Y direction by 5-9/32-Inch (134mm) and 1-13/16-Inch (460mm).

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an adjustable ruler for precise drilling
  • The Proxxon 27100 has the option of covered spindle
  • Comes with a solid Aluminum Surface for durability
  • Fits drill press with different sizes and weights properly
  • Has clamping accessories for secure attachment

HTC HTT-31 Tool Table

HTC HTT-31 Tool Table

This popular tool table from HTC is equally good for bench top ones and power drill machines. The HTC HTT-31 Tool Table does not slip due to its rubber padding at the bottom. So you can easily place the drill press on it without fearing for accidental slippage of the drill press. The overall design of this high quality drill press table, it creates a comfortable position for drilling sophisticated jewelry items.

Also, I love the excellent built quality of this HTC drill press table. It built with patented heavy duty design. This heavy duty steel made tool table is perfect for many putting your instruments in the workbench and also for accurate placing. This 31-inch high work table is durable and has the endurance capacity of up to 500 lb. So, you won’t feel any breaks and incidents with this best class drill press table.

This table is fully expandable, and the MDF top measures 14 inches by 25 inches. Additionally, it has the expansion capacity of 20”*25”. The top can divide into two parts for flexibility and additional work space. So, you can process small to large items without any troubles with this drill press. For this excellent feature, it is one of the best drill press tables for many users.

Also, this expansion is needed for some particular works for the user of higher height. No matter what height the user has, this table will create a comfortable position during drilling. I love the comfort and the control I have with this drill press table, which can be set with most of the table top drill press out there.

The top shelf has a handy ruler to add convenience imprinted on edge. The 18”*27” MDF lower self-store additional accessories and tools on the solid lower self. It has a lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturing company HTC which covers almost all the type of damage anyone can think.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a patented heavy duty design for lasting long
  • The drill press table has 31” work height and 500lb capacity
  • Fully expandable table will provide comfortable drilling position
  • Comes with a convenient ruler with the drill press for accuracy
  • 18x27 MDF lower shelf for added storage with this table

DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand

DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand

The Dewalt company provides some of the best drill press tables in the market. In case you are working with large projects this type of table is for you. This durable table will let you process the hardest and weighty materials without any trouble.  Thanks to the sturdy quality of the table.

Also, he DEWALT DW7350 Planer drill press table can carry a large capacity of loads but can still support it. The steel foundation of the table will provide stability and support during heavy operations.

This table is 57 pound in weight. As it is heavy, it is stable, but it should be difficult to move in case of need. So, if you are thinking about the trouble of moving the table, there is a solution. It has wheels at the bottom to make it movable. So, carrying the heavy drill press table can be done without any hassles. This idea is an ingenious way to solve the problem!

I love the size of this drill. Despite the problem in placing it in a compact area, I gave the size more importance due to the capacity of holding bigger metal sheets. The size of 30-by-24.2-by-6.9-inches is perfect for heavy duty drilling in your workshop. The size of the table will let you comfortably process tough metals.

The table top makes out of fiber, and it is drilled beforehand so that you don’t have to face any complications during the installation process of the machine on the top. Also, using this table after installation is simple. You don’t have to set and adjust complications with this DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand table.

The safety is assured well by the Dewalt. As many will pose a question about the stability of the table, where there are wheels on the bottom, but their question answered by the help of a foot pedal. Because of the foot paddle, you can enjoy the stability and the portability whenever you need.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with highest standards of durability, versatility, and stability
  • This DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand has a weight of 57 pounds
  • Mobile base stand of this drill press allows you to keep tools near
  • The planer stand of this DP table comes with an integrated base
  • Includes mobile base, stand, hardware, MDF top, and shelf

Final Thought

A drill press table is one of the major aspects of high quality drilling. It gives strength to the whole system to process heavy duty materials. If you are working on the big surface, you need proper spaces for drilling. A table will give the flexibility and also the strength to process the operation perfectly.

We have researched a lot of drill press table with proper experiences and come up with a list of top 5 best drill press table. I hope this drill press table reviews will help you to know about these top class drill press tables on the market and compare the features to find your best match.


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