Craftsman 10 in Bench Drill Press Review

If you are looking for a relatively smaller drill press without compromising on performance, then the Craftsman 10 in Bench Drill Press is the one to consider. This small benchtop drill press is popular for its 6-amp powerful motor. Also, the variation of speed makes it an excellent woodworking drill press.

I have used this drill press for the experimental purpose, and I have to say, this one of the most accurate benchtop drill press I have come across. Moreover, the smooth and high quality finishes of its operation will impress you.

Moreover, the Craftsman 10-inch drill press parts and other features make it a high quality drill press that can serve for a long time. Along with the craftsman 12 drill press, this one is really popular on Amazon.

Craftsman 10 Drill Press Review

The Craftsman 10 in drill press comes with excellent power and performance with the 6-amp motor. Also, this machine has variable speeds to make accurate drilling on different kinds of surface.

With the speed adjustment setting, the tilting table and keyed chuck of this Craftsman 10 bench drill press will make drilling very comfortable. So, let’s find out more on this Craftsman 10 in Bench Drill Press review below.

½ Horsepower Motor for Better Performance

Craftsman 10 Drill Press- Horsepower Motor for Better PerformancePower is imperative for the quickness and performance of drilling operations. You will love the overall performance in drilling woods and metal with this Craftsman 10 drill press.

It has a powerful motor which process with ½ HP. This power consumption is same as their bigger model: Craftsman 12 Inch Drill Press. The smooth operation of the motor takes 6.0 Amp and 120 Volts. So, that will provide excellent torque to drill different kinds of item.

The performance in processing tough metals will not be the same with some of the top heavy duty drill presses like JET 354170/JDP-20MF Drill Press, or Powermatic PM2800B. But you will get a decent power and performance for a small drill press like Craftsman 10-inch drill press.

Speed Settings for Processing Various Materials

Craftsman 10 Drill PressI love the different speed settings of the Craftsman 10-inch drill press. Being a great too for light drill works, this DP will also process some of the tough metals if needed. Comparing the smaller Craftsman drill press 8 inch drill press, there are some differences in the speed setting.

This DP comes with 680 and 3150 RPM speed setting that can drill through different woods and metals. The variation makes drilling easier with this Craftsman ten drill press. To run the motor properly, you can get help from the Craftsman 10 inch drill press manual.

These different speed settings work excellent with the power of this Craftsman drill press. So, you can process hardwoods and medium thick metal without any problem.

We have drilled through different kinds of woods and metal, and the over the outcome of our experiments were impressive.

Accuracy with Laser and Gauge System

If you are a woodworking hobbyist, then you already know the importance of accuracy of a drill press. You need proper placement of the holes in the woods, along with having a smooth and high quality finishes. For the different nature of the wood, you need a drill press that can control the placement and provide proper consistency.

For adding accuracy, this Craftsman floor drill press comes with laser and gauge system. The depth gauge system works with excellence for providing split preciseness during fast drilling operations.

The laser takes away guessing and gives and excellent accuracy for the placement of the spindle. If you are interested in learning more on this, please continue to read the craftsman drill press review.

Tilting Table of Craftsman 10 Drill Press

Craftsman 10 Drill Press- Tilting Table of Craftsman 10 Drill PressWhile making a proper, craftsman drill press review, one of the common but important features we did not miss is the tilting capacity of the table. You will love this DP for the rotation adjustment during operations. This Craftsman 10 in drill press will provide an excellent position to work with the fullest comfort. You do not need to change your position to have better access.

The tilting table has an ability to rotate itself for 45 degrees. This access provides excellent services for drilling corner of the wood and metal. Also, you will have better bevel standing position with this Craftsman 10 inch drill press.

Spindle Travel for Metal and Woodworking

The manufacturer of this Craftsman Drill press includes ½ inches keyed chuck with it. It can provide decent performance in a different kind of metal and woodworking. The spindle can travel properly through the medium thickness of metals and woods.

Though this drill press works better with woods, metalworking is not that bad. If you are interested in woodworking, then you will be satisfied with its performance. The repeated drilling makes working on woods quick and easy.

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  • Using and assembling this woodworking drill press is very easy
  • Comes with built in light system to work in lower lights
  • Comes with decent power of motor with ½ HP and 6 amp
  • Woodworking performance is satisfactory during woodworking
  • Provide excellent accuracy in processing woods and metal
  • The table of Craftsman 10 Drill Press can tilt to 45 degrees
  • Provide smooth drilling operations with high-end finishes
  • The craftsman 10 inch drill press manual is easier to understand


  • Need external power battery for the laser system
  • Bit difficult to rotate the table at first

Final Thought

I love this excellent power tool for the renowned high-class craftsman 10 inch drill press parts with proper performance. If you are looking for a reliable bench drill press, then this drilling machine is your perfect fit.

It comes with the decent power of the motor, and speed settings to have relentless drilling with proper holes. Also, the machine is designed simply to have comfortable drilling experience.

Also, the rotation, lights, and adjustment features make it the best drill press from the Craftsman company. It comes with a relatively lower price. I will recommend this machine for the woodworkers.


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