Drill Press Accessories & Equipment – How to Use Properly

A drill press is an individual machine to do many works other than just making holes in the different type of materials. For make the most use of drill press, there is some drill press accessories you need to know about and why to use this for better performance.

Without a proper knowledge on these equipment and accessories, operation the drill press properly can be a challenging job. On the other hand, if you have proper knowledge on these equipment, operating a drill press will be effective, easy and safe.

Use of Various Drill Press Accessories

Use of Various Drill Press Accessories

A drill press consists different kinds of accessories to drill holes through materials, plastics and woods. These accessories are different in nature and operate differently. Just the combination of the whole machine makes drilling. So, if you understand these equipment, using a drill press will be a piece of charm. Also, you do not have to call any service person for minor repairs.

So, if you are interested in metal and woodworking and want to know about drill press better, knowing about these drill press accessories can be a good start.

Face Shield/Half-Mask Respirator/Safety Glass

Safety of the user is a must while using any power tools. Drilling usually generates lots of flying debris which can be fatal for the eyes and the respiratory system if inhaled. So, there are few chances of injuries while using a drill press during wood and metalworking.

For this reason, do not depend on a regular day to day glasses as they do not provide adequate protection. Instead, use suitable ANSI certified safety goggles and face shield. The inhalation of wood dust can lead to long time respiratory illness and even cancer. To avoid this half mask respirator is a life saver with safety glasses.

Multi-piece Regular Sanding Drum Set

Multi-piece Regular Sanding Drum SetThis is one of the must have drill press accessories for woodworking. Multi-piece regular sanding drum set is not only usable for the drilling press, but it is also usable in case of lathe machine as well. The drum set is usually used for sanding. Drill presses like Shop Fox W1667 drill press come drum set for the help of sanding and other jobs.  

The whole kit comes with various types of drums including ½ by ½ inch, ¾ by 1 inch, one by 1 inch, 1 ½ by 1 ½ inch and two by 1 ½ inch. The set comes with multiple grit size including 50, 80 and 120 or each drum.

Keyless Drill Chuck

Drill press chuck is one of the important drill press accessories metal made.  It is perfect for making the bit change swiftly. A keyless industrial type drill chuck enhances the accuracy exceptionally and provides knurled grips for astonishing vileness in your workshop. You need to understand the used material, size and travel of the chuck.

If you have a better idea on the chuck, you can then determine how it will perform in different kinds of material. Keyless Drill Chuck can be used in not only to your drill press but also a milling machine and a lathe tailstock. One with a capacity of 1 to ½ inch should be enough for the most of the usage.

Drill Press Vise

Drill Press ViseUsing a drill press safety is important to avoid any incidents. This equipment is necessary for protecting your finger from any kinds of accident, injury or internal loss. If you are serious about safety then you can read the Drill Press Safety Precautions  article. Along with the other equipment, the vise is one of the must have drill press accessories to know better.

It should come with a rigid and robust construction.  Also, a high grade cast iron drill press can provide the needed heft, support, stability, and safety. So it will ensure your hands are safe from the fast moving cutters.


Lubricants are the blood of the machines. For the cast iron or unpainted areas in your machine, you are recommended to use lubricants for your drill press so that it does not wear off over the course of time and for normal movement.

Drill Bits and Drill Press Tool Tray           

Drill bits of high-quality cobalt alloy are recommendable, and it comes with multiple piece sets. These types of drill bits are better to regular high-speed steel bits. Drill bits will save your time and money in your workshop.

The drill press tool tray is popular for keeping different helping accessories during drilling. It will help you with keeping them within you reach, so you don’t have to move away from the drill press machine during operations.

Drill Press Table

Drill Press TableA drill press supports medium support workpieces with its default work surface. However, if you want to work with large stock, a drill press is worthy of investment. Drill Press Table will ensure you the security without the fear of the important material to befall or sliding off the place.

For stability using the lag bolts at the base of the drill press are common. By using built-in clamps of the drill press table, you can lock the stock. This table also improvement the drilled holes quality and drilling precision highly.

Drill Press Clamps V-Belts:

The drill press clamp is another important accessory for this power tool. The clamps adjust fast lock your work material perfectly in the position. Also, this clamps and pad of it are there to conform to the workpiece, keeping proper pressure.

The V-belts can be used to highly customized the set with high quality. V-Belts will ensure smooth running with lesser noise and vibration. This V-belts is far better than the solid belts.

Final Thought

If you are a hobbyist or in the learning stage, then understanding these drill press accessories is a much. Without proper understanding and knowledge, not only the performance will be improper, but also will have risks in it.

Knowing about the equipment will also let you keep them safe for a lot of time. You will also fins drilling a lot easier and precise.


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