Using a Drill Press for Jewelry Making

With using a simple small economic drill press, you can easily drill woods, plastics according to your needs and desire. A mini drill press can be used for more sophisticated purposes as well. You can also use a mini drill press for jewelry making and process small ornaments. For the accuracy relying on features of these drill press, you can use it for a better purpose.

For example, a simple seashell that you have collected from the seashore or a stone gathered from visiting a park or a beach glass that have caught your eye; you can use this material as a part of your jewelry collection or for your loved ones. Usually, a mini drill press provides only three kinds of speed variations that why it is easy to handle without much pressure of guesswork.

A Drill Press for Jewelry Making

Using a mini drill press, you can transform any kinds of materials for your jewelry making. The precise spindle and accuracy of these small drill presses, making high-quality jewelry is very easy. Although using a benchtop drill press can also be utilized for some excellent features. A mini drill press offers more accuracy for small works. Let u find out the use of drill presses in making jewelry and ornaments.

Utilize Size and Verities for Processing Jewelry

Utilize Size and Verities for Processing JewelryThere are different drill presses with various in sizes and heights. Also, the spindle travel and accuracy can also vary in these drill presses. Like, a small drill press like the SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press comes with excellent control and precision. So, you can use these features in making jewelry quickly.

A benchtop provides many advantages. First of them is being the Jacob Chuck. Jacob chuck can cope up with a variety of sizes and styles. For this reason, you can use standard drills, diamond drills, max burrs as well as rotary files. If you want to utilize these features, you should use min benchtop drill presses like JET 354165 JDP-15M for the task.

You can set your imagination at large by these multiple variations of drill available, simultaneously depending on what you want to do.

Great Position to Have Precise Operation

Secondly, the advantage of the drill press is the method, where the drill is mounting upon the tabletop. The drill housing is above the workspace, and it is kept secretly in its place. So, moving your body in a standing position will be easier, and you can concentrate on the operation.

Also, it is easy to use the movable arm to lower the drill into the piece perfectly perpendicular, and as a result, you will get a clean hole through the shaft without deviation in your work piece.

In the case of flex shaft, as it has to hold it with the hand, it is possible that the hand might shake; as a result, you will not be able to get a perfect angle. This thing will lead to crooked and off centered holes which will not look magnificent in the case of intricate and delicate jewelry.

Speed Control Provides Control and Accuracy

Speed Control Provides Control and AccuracyThe drill press gives the option of speed control. That is why whenever you turn on the drill press you will get a constant speed. Additionally, this is excellent because the constant speed is splendid.

On the other hand, in the case of flex machine you have to struggle against the variable speed. The speed control makes it easier to make jewelry because you can adjust the speed with the type of materials.

As a result, in the drill press, you are less likely to break any drills or burrs. To shape a piece or to trying to form a part from wax or other soft material is tough without proper constant speed. The unstable speed can ruin the works altogether.

Optimal Control

Optimal ControlControl is very important when you are doing a sophisticated operation. Without control, you won’t have proper finishes in works. When you use a drill press for making jewelry, you have to focus on the drilling. A mini table top drill press will provide control and perfect position to keep the focus on.

The primary significance of using a mini drill press is that it gives you optimal control so that you can drill through virtually anything possible. Though, you should keep in mind that larger and harder stones relatively take longer times to finish the work. Many likes to use diamond twist drill when working with glass, stones or shells.

With this type core, starting off is busy, but as the work progress, it is comparatively harder to finish. On the other hand, diamond core drill does not accurately provide easy beginning, but they make the finishing less difficult. You can also use other drills whenever using plastic material.

A steel twist drill can work well on metal. Also, don’t forget to lubricate the drilling metal to facilitate easier drilling while increasing the lifetime. Aside from drilling holes, you can also embellish the stones using drill press efficiently.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a drill press for making jewelry, then you should keep the focus on finding the right tool, which has control and accuracy to do sophisticated operations. Mini drill press, especially table top mini drill presses are perfect for this work. It will not only let you concentrate on the operation from a comfortable angle, but also will help you with more control over it.

Also, you should check, if that drill press has proper control on the speed, which will make things easier with more accuracy. It will also, let you process different materials with same kinds of finishes.  Moreover, you should also consider the spindle travel and preciseness before buying it for making jewelry.


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