Top 10 Drill Press Safety Precautions and Tips

When you’re a DIY freak, you must have a drill press for different boring and drilling stuff. If you craft toys, model boats or planes, then this drill press can handle them well. But you need to maintain drill press safety properly to provide and have a secure environment for drilling, woodworking, and other home improvement works.

Hence, when you’re a regular drill press user, you need to know the safety precaution to avoid any serious injury. So, have a look at the safety tips below:

Drill Press Safety Tips and Precautions

The machine sounds in the different way when there is a mechanical problem. Thus, listen to the machine properly, so that you can detect the problem in operation. For inspection call the specialist as soon as possible.

  1. Take Proper Drill Press Safety Test

Take Proper Drill Press Safety TestYou need to take proper drill safety test regularly. You need to check if you have left the machine without switching it off.  Look out if the wire of the drill press is plugged in when not in use. If you leave the drill press plugged on and forget to take the drill press safety test, then this may increase the chance of any incidents.

In testing the safety of the drill press, you should also check out drill press parts and function. If the parts of the DP are working smoothly or having any trouble. Also, you should see the functions in the safety test of the drill press.

There is different drill safety quiz available online. You can attend in these drill press safety quiz to know more about drill press safety.

  1. Precaution during the operation:

Maintain the speed while drilling. Avoid high spindle speed and stay closer to the recommended speed. This is because, when you’re in using the high speed wrongly, it might burn the cutting tool or the workpiece. Besides, the workpiece might flight off as an accident. On the other hand, you’re at lower speed with heavy feed; the tool might dig into the workpiece and break the edge of the tool. Finally, don’t forget to power off the drill press while changing the required speed.

Again, while you’re drilling, adjust the table just beneath the drill so that the hole remains in the table center. Moreover, check the depth of the drilling as a precaution you can the place a piece of wood beneath the workpiece.

  1. Proper use of the safety goggles

Proper use of the safety gogglesYou might think that drill press safety glasses are just for show and for the style and nothing important like other safety things, but you’re very wrong. It’s not just a too precautionary thing rather it might cause facial damage. There are some chances of drill press hazards, as they are power tools. So, you need to cover your eyes to save these from these kinds of drill press hazards.

If you do not take proper action then, your eyes can be hit by any parts from any problems or drill press hazards. Moreover, it might cause irreversible eye problem according to the experiment from different doctors. Hence, even for the smallest job, never forget to wear safety goggles.

  1. Appropriate and tight clothing

While working with the drill press, wear tight clothes. Avoid loose cloth which might result in a sudden accident. Again, if you’ve long hair, use hair net and make a tight bun.  Many of us can ignore this drill press safety tips. But it is really necessary.

Avoid loose clothing, jewelry or gloves so that these might not get caught in the machine.  This precaution will save your hair from any drill press hazards.

  1. Follow proper sander safety rules

Follow proper sander safety rulesWhile using the drill press, you must use protection masks. Again, while you’re using abrasive drums or sanding accessories, ensure that the room is airy and has a good ventilation system. You should follow sander safety rules along with having a proper ventilation system.

Otherwise, the sawdust getting mixed with the air might cause suffocation. There are some different ways you can take follow sander safety rules like using a proper belt, wear a dust respirator, inspect sanding belts before switching the machine, clean dust and vents regularly, etc.

  1. Things not to touch before or after drilling

There are some drill press dangers if you do not know the drill press safety rule properly. Some of us do not hesitate to touch here and there of a running machine.

Well, with the drill press this can cause different types of drill press dangers and harms. Never touch the rotating tool which is spinning and doesn’t get stopped even after the drilling is completed.

The shave and the workpiece after drilling as the surface are extremely hot, and it might burn your hand. So, avoid putting the hand on running drill press without knowing properly.

  1. Ensure proper locking of the cutting tool in the clamp

Well some of the top class drill press such as Rockwell Drill Press, Shop Fox W1667 comes with excellent safety system with itself to avoid most of the drill press dangers. But, you need to follow the drill press safety guide to be extra protective.

You need to ensure that the cutting tool is clamped and locked properly. Otherwise, the tool and the instrument may shake and waiver. Thus, you won’t get the proper output of the drilling. Besides, you might catch in injury.

  1. Ensure the proper accessories

Ensure the proper accessoriesWhile working with the drill press, sue the bits and the drill which are designed for the particular model. Go through the manual properly and use the recommended parts and the accessories. You need proper precaution of belt disc sander safety rules before using these functions of a drill press.

Don’t try to use a hand auger bit for the press. The wrong drill bit and accessories must be hazardous for your drill press.  You can read the belt disc sander rules of safety for better information.

  1. Stay away from the child

A lot of American homeowners take drilling as their home improvement hobby. So they place their drill press in the home. So the other members can enter the workroom, where he keeps the press. But, it is necessary to keep the younger member away from the room or machine to avoid drill press hazards.

Make the machine kid proof. For that, remove the switch toggle and place the key to the off position. Thus, in this way you can childproof the press. This is one of the very important safety precautions of DP.

  1. Be careful while drilling especially your fingers

While drilling, keep the fingers at least 3 inches away from the cutting tools. Before starting to follow the instruction properly. Otherwise, it can leave you wounded. So while drilling, safety is a must.

Final Thought

If you follow these top ten safety precautions properly, you can avoid most of the dangers and drill press hazards. The drill press is a power tool, and most of them need to put some attention during working.

You can use the best kind drill press for excellent performance in drilling in a safe and protected environment. These drill press tips and guides will help you to have a secure drilling experience.


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