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Drill Press Setup: In-Depth Guide to Assembling Your Drill Press Properly

If you’re DIY freak and love to work on wood, surely you need to do lots of drilling work. It’s one of the common tasks you need to do while working on the project. Drill press setupis also a very common work if you own a workshop for metal and woodwork.

Sometimes, it can be hard to assemble a drill press properly. It mainly because of the variation in the design and features. If you change the model of the drill press, then it can be a bit different in assembling than the previous one.

But if you have proper guidance, setting the drill press can be really easy. It like reading the manual and then do step by step following the rules.

Easy Drill Press Setup Guide

I have tested different ways to assemble the same drill presses. But I am going to share the easiest one. I hope, this is going to help you a lot for proper setup and maintenance of the drill press.

1st: Take Care of the Safety Issues

Safety is a first and foremost thing to consider while setting up the drill press. You need to take proper safety precaution before assembling the drill press. You should check out the points below before the set-up:

  • Ensure Large space for working freely. This will let you assemble the drill press without any accidents.
  • Check the location of the power supply. If it is long distance, then take proper caution to manage the long cord of the DP.
  • Use safety goggles and wear tight fitting clothes. Sometimes, loose clothes can get between parts of the drill press and create problems.
  • Don’t keep tools on the tabletop of the drill and use assigned support system for supporting the equipment.

2nd: Take Proper Lubrication of the Drill Press

Lubrication is very important for the smooth run of any motor. It also, enhance the longevity by protecting the materials used in power tools.

Use a coat of wax paste or rub with a wax paper to save the surface of the table. It is proper lubrication method of a drill press. Also, if you wipe with an oiled cloth, it’ll prevent rust formation of the column and quill.

Moreover, lubricate will and spline with the light machine oil. For finding out the lubrication point, take some time to digest the manual of the drill press. Then apply it for the well managing of the drill press parts.

Determine the Feed and Speed Accurately

3rd: Determine the Feed and Speed Accurately

Though setting the speed is not in the assemble part of the drill press. You can change the speed after the complete drill press setup of the machine. For determining the best speed and feed you need to consider some important points.

Firstly, the material of the stock. If the material is soft, go for high speed. It will let you quickly drill holes through the woods and plastic and save times.

On the other hand, if materials are hard then applying lower speed. Lower speed will allow you to have proper holes in the tough surface.

Besides, you need to consider the type of the drill, the size of the hole and the quality of the cutting. Thus, all these results in the perfect output with better accuracy.

4rth: Safety Precaution of the Power Supply

You need to ensure a safe environment for the proper drill press setup. For this follow the instruction below:

  • Try to place the drill press closer to the power outlet. Otherwise, the long extension cord might cause someone trip and stumble over it. If you cannot do it, then try to manage the cord of the DP.
  • For extra precaution, connect the drill press through a surge protector or fuse. This will cut the fuse if the motor gets overloaded and protect it from burning.
  • To prevent damage to the machine check that the electric current and the motor is at the same voltage and switch off the motor before connecting.
  • To prevent from electric shock, ensure grounding of the press. The green conductor is the grounding wire within the 120-volt motor. So ensure that you’re not connecting the green wire to the live terminal.

5th: Proper Maintenance of the Drill Press

Proper Maintenance of the Drill PressLastly, it’s the most important steps of the guidance is the maintenance. After the drill press setup, you will have to look it up for safer, accurate and long drilling experience.

After every use, don’t forget to clean the press. This cleaning includes- grooves, t-slots, and dirt from pulleys and belts.

Also, you can properly read the manual of the drill press you are using. Most of the manuals of the top drill press will have the maintenance details.

6th: Consider the Temperature of the Environment & Motor

Although, maintaining the temperature of the environment is not possible most of the time. But, you can maintain your machine according to the temp. The working conditions have the influence on the performance of the press.

You need to consider the temperature and weather while working with the drill press. In summer, hot temperature causes overheating of the motor. So, in that case, give rest after few hours of using and then Start.

7th: Don’t Put Overload on Machine

Moreover, the overworking can damage the motor, or it can cause malfunctioning of the motor.  On the other hand, in winter, the metal parts of the machines become brittle. Hence, the parts can easily fracture or break.

Finally, if the machine gets hot, cool down and keep it in rest. Start the work after cooling down the drill press properly.

Final Thoughts

Due to the requirements of many consumers, I decided to give guidance to drill press setup will ensure safety and success on the project. Also, it will let you understand the drill press product properly for later managements. I hope these seven drill press assembly and maintenance tips will help you with safe and proper woodworking environment.


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