Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press Reviews

If you are looking for a compact drill press for accurate drilling, then the Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press can easily be in your consideration. This drill press will amuse you with some advanced features.

The Jet company that started the Jet machine line is over 50 years old. The original owner was so enamored with the concept of a jet airplane that he took a trip from Seattle, Washington to Japan. Then, they focused on also making power tools.

Coming with the idea of the drill press and another woodworking tool, this Jet JDP-12 is their later machine. As like the other models, JET 354170/JDP-20 MF and JET 354165 JDP-15M, this tool have some significance for better drilling.

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Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press Review

The Jet JDP-12 drill press comes with excellent adjustment option, efficient laser and lamp system. these features will not only make your drilling accurate but also will let you easily complete the operations. There are some other significant features comes with this power tool. Find out more in below.

Adjustable Speed and Chuck

Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press- Adjustable Speed and ChuckThings like being able to adjust the speed to the exact speed you want on a continual basis. Drill speed is shown on a nice large digital display on the front of the JDP-12. You can easily change the variable speed during drilling for better accuracy control with this drill press.

The drill chuck is 5/8 as like some other drill presses like the shop fox w1668. This chuck size is nice and larger than comparable models that have smaller 1/2 drill chucks. So, you can work with woods with the chuck size and have decent holes with this drill press. To learn more on the jet jwdp-12 review, you can go further.

Innovative X-shaped Xacta laser

The drill press comes with an X-shaped Xacta laser for better accuracy in drilling.  This nicest feature of the laser crosshairs will show the exact point where the drill will enter the material. So, you can have better knowledge of the drilling during intensive operation. I love the control and preciseness of this drill press.

It’s a feature I thought was a marketing ploy but after using a JET JDP-12 with the laser, I am a convert. It takes all the guesswork out of the drilling process. Some may find adjusting the laser bit difficult. He can easily utilize the jet jdp 12 manual for learning better adjustment.

Another plus is that the laser process with the 120VAC power just like the drill press so the laser never needs new batteries and the projected cross hairs are always crisp and never dim because of low batteries.

Roller Extension and C-Clamps

Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press- Roller Extension and C-ClampsThe drill press table even comes with a roller extension that extends up to 16.5. Having extra support for the materials for drilling not only makes the accuracy better but makes the process safer too. So, you will be out of any incidental danger with this bench top drill press.

You don’t need wood blocks with this DP. Because the flat area from the edge is over 1. So, there will be plenty of room for placing C-clamps or bar clamps. That means you will not be tempted to take the shortcut off not properly clamping the material properly before beginning drilling.

Magnetic Light for Low Light Condition

In the past, I have bought magnetic lights to attach to my drill press in order to be able to see clearly. That’s not needed on the JDP-12 because it comes standard with a built-in LED task light.

This magnetic light system is nice since the vibration on regular incandescent bulbs shortens their life. The LED task light included will last for years and years.

1/3 HP Motor for Woodworking

The power and performance got me first when I started this jet jwdp-12 review. Well, I am well satisfied with the power. The motor is a 1/3 horsepower which is fine unless you expect to be hogging out some really large holes using a spade bit. For 99.99% of woodworkers out there, that will be no problem at all.

That in conjunction with a nice 12 swing and all the included features makes the Jet JDP-12 drill press on of the most popular machines used in today’s woodworking shops.

Built Quality and Safety of Jet JDP-12

Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press- Roller Extension and C-ClampsI was really surprised with the built quality of this benchtop drill press. It comes with a great quality of construction to last long. Also, the tool weighs almost 90 pounds so you might need some help moving it into position. The sturdy built quality of the drill press is world famous.

They are without a doubt a leader when it comes to their woodworking line and their Jet Drill Press line is just one example of the quality they build into each one of their machines.

Speaking of safety, the drill press table has a nice flat area on the bottom of the JDP-12 table so clamping the material is fast and easy to do.

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  • Comes with excellent built quality to serve a long time
  • Comes with 1/3 HP motor that is decent for woodworking
  • Has a laser guide system to help you for accurate drilling
  • The finishing of this drill press is excellent
  • The jet jdp-12 parts are from sturdy material for reliability
  • The jet jdp-12 manual is easy to understand


  • Adjusting the laser system can be bit difficult for some user

Final Thought

One of the nice things about the JDP12 Jet drill press is that it comes with a lot of features. Some of them are not available in other same prince range drill press machines.  I love the performance and size of this top class drill press.

You will have all the great features, that will help you to have excellent woodworking experience. also, you will have an excellent machine for the accuracy in drilling holes.

With reviewing all the features, it is safe to say, this is a great mid-range drill press for woodworking. The price is perfect for the excellent and efficient features it provides.

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