JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press Reviews

If you are looking for a powerful drill press for industrial type works, then the JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press is an excellent choice. This drill press is very famous for offering excellent built quality along with superb performance. Also, the powerful motor will make processing hardened metals very easy.

This benchtop drill press offers flexibility and versatility with a different angle and speed drilling. So, you can work with the various sorts of materials without any problems. Moreover, using this drill press will save your time with the quick operations. Thanks to the exceptional motor of the JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press.

JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press Reviews

This drill press is very famous with lots of positive reviews on Amazon, most of the people loved it for the features and easy to use and assemble facility. It is one of my favorite for the low price and the speed features.

Also, it has working light to work in low light conditions and adjustable table for processing different sized materials very easily. Let us find out the effective features of the JET 354165 JDP-15M drill press here:

Powerful Motor for Performance

JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press- Powerful Motor for PerformanceIf you are looking for a heavy duty drill press for processing metal and other tough materials, then a powerful motor is a must. This drill press will serve the expectation as it has powerful induction motor. Like the Delta 18-900L DP, this one will also impress you with the adequate power and performance.

It processes with ¾ horsepower, giving a strong capacity of processing toughest materials. So, you do not have to worry if the workload is too high, this motor can take up the task.

With the JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press, you will enjoy smooth drilling operations. This motor can run on 115/220 volts with providing excellent drilling during busy days.

16 Variable Speeds for Processing Different Materials

If you own a workshop and you have to work with different kinds of metal and woods, then you should consider a drill press with variable speeds. The Jet JDP-17 press comes with 16 different speeds to deal with multiple kinds of projects perfectly.

The speeds are with a range from 200 to 3630 RPM. So, working on toughest to lightest materials will be precise and smooth. I like the top notch finishing of this drill press process. It lets me drill tough and thick metal with a stunning finish.

If you are looking for a professional drill press with accurate drilling, then this is one of the best drill presses for you.

 Adjustable Table for Proper Drilling Operation

JET JDP-17MF-354169 Drill Press- Adjustable Table for Proper Drilling OperationThe JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press has a 13.5 inches’ large worktable. The manufacturer built it smartly with crank operations for simple and smooth performance.  So, you can handle heavy workloads with powerful drilling very easily with this table top drill press. I love the specially designed adjustable table with multiple functions of this drill press.

Also, you can easily adjust the height and length of this worktable. It has tilting capacity up to 45 degrees left and right. It gives better access to the working metal. So processing different sized items will be a lot easier with this DP.

Mountain Grooves and Multiple Table Slots

You will be jubilant with the X-pattern mountain grooves of this table top drill press. It can mount the fence in a time when the work table is in the opposite position. This feature makes placing any metal on the table very easy and makes drilling very comfortable.

The x pattern grooves and multiple table slots cab accommodate any kinds of projects perfectly. So, you can utilize these excellent features for having precise and perfect drilling operations.

Design and Built Quality

JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press- Design and Built QualityThe Jet JDP-17 press comes with excellent design and construction. The heavy duty steel built makes it very durable and stable during drilling. The sturdy materials make it last longer than most other drill presses on the market.
The smart design makes this DP very user-friendly. It has features that will make drilling very comfortable during the busiest days in your workshop. So, you will be very pleased with the performance of it.
The product also supports the whole construction without much vibration. Working with metal and also woods will be more precise. Also the sturdy component of this drill press will have better safety without creating any problems.

Spindle Travel and Depth Stop

The JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press comes with packed features to make drilling precise and comfortable. It has an effective depth stop feature that lets you know when to stop drilling. This measurement is accurate and allows you to have perfect holes inside metals. It works with a quick set bolt. You can see the measurement in a display for working smoothly.

With 4 3/8 inches of travel, the spindle can process perfect drilling in thick and sturdy materials. The quality ball bearing composition of the spindle makes it strong and enhances the performance of the drill press.

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  • Comes with a powerful ¾ horsepower motor
  • Provides smooth and quiet operation
  • the spindle can process with 4 3/8 inches of travel
  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • Comes with a solid construction quality
  • has a useful depth stop option
  • Comes with a large adjustable worktable
  • Have 16 different speeds for different projects


  • Table lifting rack doesn’t have proper support

Final Thought

The JET JDP-17MF/354169 Drill Press comes with some excellent features for accurate drilling experience. Also, the powerful motor of ¾ horsepower makes it very effective in cutting through the toughest surface. Moreover, the depth option adds accuracy in drilling and makes it very comfortable for the users.

The drill press can deal with a different project for its variable speed features. So, this feature will make horizontal drilling with accurate and smooth holes through thick materials along with thin ones.

If you are looking for a professional machine for regular wood and metal working, then this is a perfect choice.

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