Make a Rustic Pot Rack Using a Drill Press

Drill presses are known to be more precise than other drilling power tools like hand drill and portable drills. If you want to make a rustic pot rack for your home, then you have to follow the guidelines for using drill presses and other power tools.

The advantages of drill press project using drill press are the spindle position and angle. The position of the metal and drill chuck makes it more precise to drill holes. Moreover, the precise cut out from the drill press makes it perfect for wood works.

With a drill press, the drill chuck presses the wood and metal for holes in a consistent basis. But, you cannot have similar consistency with other drilling tools. So you can make more precise things to make with a drill press, rather than the other woodworking power tools.

Make a Rustic Pot Rack Using Drill Press

Many woodworking projects need drill presses to have proper and accurate holes. While a cordless drill may have more flexible facilities, a drill press will deliver consistent, high quality and precise holes through metals and woods. There are many hanging pot rack ideas for small kitchens. You can utilize your drill press to complete these ideas.

Rustic pot rack is a very necessary item for hanging plates, pan, spoon, pots and other cooking appliances. The hanging facility saves the area and creates spaces in the kitchen. you can also use the wood made a rack for hanging other materials. Also, it can be used for keeping small show pieces as well.

You can easily make a Rustic pot rack with plain woods, using your drill press. We will discuss creating the rack in this woodworking drill press project.

Process of this ProjectDelta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Difficulty: Moderate

Drill Press Project: Moderate

Finishing: Very Easy

Requirement Time of the Project: three to four hours

Required tools for the Project

  1. Drill Press
  2. Table Saw
  3. Screw Driver
  4. Hammer
  5. Pencil

Steps in Making a Proper Rustic Pot Rack

We have researched many wood and metal working projects in making perfect rustic pot rack, vintage hanging pot rack, wrought iron pot rack wall mount, etc. But the wood made rack is perfect for the compact homes.

We have collected some ideas and experimented with them. So, we will discuss the easiest and simplest method of making the rustic hanging pot rack.

Step 1: Cut the Boards Properly

Cut the Boards ProperlyYou just need to mark the wood board in a shape you want to design the rack. Then cut the board suing circular or compound miter saw. If you do not own a circular saw or compound miter saw, then find another method to cut woods. After cutting, you need a proper finishing of the board.

Step 2: Process the French Cleat

Use the proper method in ripping the French cleat perfectly. Also, you need a table saw to cutting the thick board to the thin parts. The ripped parts will be easier to join and process to make the drill press rack project.

Step 3: Mark the Holes for the Bars

Now you need proper holes into the rack woods. Then, make marks to create a location where you will drill holes.

Next, you need a precise marking of the position of the holes. Now, use a perfect woodworking drill press to create smooth, high quality and perfect holes into these parts of woods.

Mark the Holes for the Bars

Step 4: Start Drilling of the Bar Holes

With locating the bar holes properly with the mark, you can start drilling with confidence. You need precise drill holes for the iron bar in making a proper rustic pot rack. You have to set up a drill press with a 5/8 inches bit. This position is needed for the vertical side pieces.

Then, you have to adjust the depth stop of the drill press with half inches’ thickness of the board. So, you can have proper holes for hanging the rack. Position the wood properly under the bit and start drilling. Repeat the same woodworking project for the other holes.

Step 5: Rip the Bottom Stretcher

Before starting assembly of the rack, you have to rip the end stretcher. Arrange a Table Saw fence with a 3-inches edge of the blade. Then you have to raise it to about 1-3/4 inches high. Now you can rip the lower stretcher.

Step 6: Make Proper Pilot Holes Drilling

Align the two side boards with a proper position where the whole on the edge face each other. Then, put them in that way on a work table. Now you have to put the French cleat under the stretcher. The back edge and the bevel also need to be in a position with facing the work table.Make Proper Pilot Holes Drilling

You need to put mark again for the pilot holes. Moreover, each of the side boards of the Rustic Pot Rack needs proper drilling using a perfect drill press or cordless power tools. You can also use mini drill presses for this job. The process is not very hard with proper tools.

Step 7: Assemble and Adjustment of the Rack

At last, you now need to assemble all the parts to make a proper Rustic Pot Racks for your home. You need to align the two parts ad sides (bottom and top) in proper position on a table top. Put the iron rods into the holes you made during step 3 and step 4. Now you can easily align all the parts using drivers.

To check the corners and their placements during making the rack, you can use a combination square. This tool will make sure of the perfect square. Now you should put three inches of screws through each of the holes with a drill. Now you can connect the hanging cleat covers as well.

Final Steps: Mounting it On the Wall

After the process of making a Rustic Pot Rack, you need to climb it on the wall. Then, you can easily go through the process with screws and hammers. Put it on the wall and set it with proper hammer and steels.

Now you can set the hook on the metal and wooden parts on the rack. Position the hooks according to your kitchen appliances and then set it properly with hammers. Now, you can easily hang your items on this wood rack during setting your house appliances.

I hope my drill press project for making a rustic pot rack will help the reader with the idea to make an essential item with power tools. If you follow the steps during the pot rack making, the process will be very easy.


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