Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser Review

Some of us take our hobby more than most. They take it seriously and do creative outputs from their leisure periods. If you are that kind of person, then the Powermatic 719T Mortiser can be a great choice. This hollow chisel mortiser can be a great choice for any metal and woodworking enthusiasts.

This table mortiser can be a great choice for commercial and serious woodworking.

It is made out of several heavy-duty iron castings with a proper design to last longer periods. I am also impressed with the 1HP motor for the jobs that are most demanding.

This machine comes with some high quality materials and features to provide excellent performance and longevity. It’s going to serve you years of trouble-free service because it’s sturdy equipment and it has made with really long lasting parts.

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Powermatic 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser Review

This drill press comes with the sturdy build quality and a powerful machine. I see these two major features first in a drill press. And honestly, I was surprised with its performance and initial quality of the machine materials.  Comparing the best drill presses, the hefty rack-and-pinion gear system also kept me happy with the smoother operation.

We have tested this machine for a few days and collected information with a proper researching. Also, we have taken some notes on the Powermatic 1791264K Model 719T user reviews. Combining our experience and research, we will provide full details on this powerful drill press below.

Cast Iron Construction Quality

Cast Iron Construction QualityMortisers were commercially used at past. But, several manufacturers have made the decision to make it more affordable and ideal for home and as well as business use. So, you will get this one with the premium grade quality.

The Powermatic Hollow Chisel Mortiser 1791264K is one of those superior kinds of mortiser, which will last longer than the most top class woodworking machines. The 719T tilt table mortise is stable and durable. Therefore, using it for tougher metal and other materials is not a problem.

But the credit goes to the manufacturer for providing a premium quality of cast iron material in building this machine. It adds optimum durability and let you frill the toughest material for a relentless operation. Some of the users may complain about its large size and heavy machine. However, the 719T is easy to install and use.

The size does a little problem in placing this power tools in a compact room, but you have to make room for such a heavy machine. If the dimension of this long machine is a big concern to you, then you can look at the Powermatic PM701 review for details.

Large Wooden Adjustable Worktable

Large Wooden Adjustable Worktable

How would you feel, if your drilling tool provides the experience of a power lab? It would feel nice right.

The Powermatic 719T isn’t just a mortiser, it’s a high-tech joint building lab. The mortiser has a large wooden table (which is measured 20-1/4 inches / 7 inches) gives a huge work support. So, you can process a large sheet of metal with this powerful tool without any trouble. Also, drilling and processing the metals are very precise due to its larger size.

The table can be adjusted any angle between 0° and 35°. The table is also movable and the user can move it ahead, behind and even alongside and back on dovetail ways with the large handwheel controls. Adjustable linear stops and a flip down stop allow for accurate repetition.

Smart feed lever and Adjustable handle

Smart feed lever and Adjustable handleThe feed lever of the Powermatic hollow chisel mortiser features six different positions for immediate adjustments. This and other flexibility of this machine will ensure excellent comfort to do a variety of works. Also, the adjustable handle makes using the power tool safer. So, you do not have to fear about the safety of this machine too much.

This Powermatic mortiser works with gas cylinder rack and pinion feed system. This system allows smooth head rise and lowering and makes drilling more precise and perfect.

I have heard some complaints about the gear system of the Powermatic mortiser 719a model. Well, with this machine, you can be certain of no problem. If you accidentally have any trouble, please read the Powermatic 719 mortiser manual carefully.

The gear system is assembled with an attached spring position and adjustable handle. The manufacturer mounted the head naturally with adjustable gibs, which assures to provide a long trouble-free service. You can surely love the smooth operation of this mortiser machine.

Large Steel Confined Closet

Sometimes keeping the important attachments closer for the comfort of the drilling operation. I keep a small closet around the drilling machine. Nevertheless, it would be nice to have one with the power tool.

Keeping the needs in mind the Powermatic 719T provides a large steel closet. Therefore, you can easily keep the chisel and other attachments there. So, this close cabinet will make the works easier with increasing the efficiency.

The steel closet 719T mortiser also includes an extension, which allows employees to use other brands of chisel and a bit. Particularly this is beneficial because most Powermatic chisels are usually 2 inches bigger than other brands of chisels.

Spindle Speed and Chisel Capacity

Well, if you are looking speed for a faster operation like the Craftsman 10 Drill Press, then this mortiser may not impress you. But remember, the thick and metal need power over speed. And with this Powermatic hollow chisel mortiser, you will have decent speed (1725 RPM comparing with the 3150 RPM of Craftsman 10) with the perfect power to cut harder materials.

The spindle speed of the mortiser is 1725 rotations per minute (or rpm for short) and  inch chuck size. The chisel capacity is between ¼ inch and 1 inch while the head stroke is six inches. The gap between chisel center and the fence is four inches.

It will help you to make precise cuts with smooth finishes. So, you can have the best out of this excellent Hollow Chisel Mortiser during your busy woodworking schedule.

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  • The sturdy of cast iron material makes this hollow chisel mortiser durable
  • Comes with a powerful 1 HP machine to process tougher metals
  • The 1725 rotations per minute is decent for quicker performance
  • Powermatic 719T has a steel closet to keep items closer to you
  • The adjustable handle makes working with this machine easier
  • The feed lever of this machine has six different of adjustment


  • The height can be an issue for the American user’s, especially taller ones
  • Some users have complained about the lower mortiser’s stand
  • The 32.5 inches distance between floor to table can cause discomfort

Final Thought 

Many consumers prefer to buy the products that are made in the US or Europe. Products that are made in Asia they usually do not want to buy. Though this 719T being made in Taiwan, still this is a great bargain. This Hollow chisel Powermatic mortiser provide finishes and performance many popular drill presses lacks.

Because of the fact it is manufactured in Taiwan means its construction cost is much lower than its other competitors are. That is why this mortiser is cheaper than its competitors, which is beneficial for the consumers. All in all the Powermatic 719T mortiser is a great mortiser to have for domestic use as well as for a small furniture shop. The robust and durable nature of this mortiser makes it ideal even for demanding jobs.

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