Powermatic PM701 1791310 – Review of 3/4 Horsepower Bench Mortiser

A mortiser is a really supportive tool for the woodworker. Traditionally, you can mortise manually with hands. But, this process can take a long time and lack of accuracy when doing it repetitively. In other words, a machine can do it perfectly without getting hand fatigue or losing accuracy. To do perfect woodworking on a regular basis, you can use the help of Powermatic PM701 (Model: Powermatic 1791310).

Nowadays, mortising depends on the machinery so that the job will be done in less time and with fewer efforts. PM701 3/4 HP Bench Top Mortiser is a heavy-duty benchtop mortiser produced by Powermatic. PM701 benchtop mortiser is a deluxe model, which features a ¾ horsepower motor. So, cutting the wood perfectly with a smooth operation is easy with this perfect machine.

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Powermatic PM701 Review

The Powermatic 1791310 PM701 Bench Mortiser comes with some unique features. I have used this machine for a long time and I am satisfied with its table, reversible handle, solid chuck and smooth operation. However, if you interested in perfect drilling then you can go through this Powermatic mortiser 701 reviews.

Comfortable Table, Safety Switch Key

Powermatic PM701- Comfortable Table, Safety Switch KeyThe Powermatic 1731310 PM701 has a large table that provides a large surface area of working. The table size of this mortiser is 11 inches by 13 inches. Furthermore, the mortiser is equipped with a safety switch clamp, which is removable. So, you will have the flexibility to remove it and set another one for the perfection.

The quick action cam lock will lock the fence quickly into position with a 90-degree movement. This makes woodworking even more easy and comfortable. Likewise, you can drill any item in any position without changing your position. The tilting table will do the job perfectly.

Motor Power for Perfect Drilling

One of the major features I like about this machine is its perfect power. It is not a powerhouse machine, but considering its size and may need the power was perfect. Powermatic 1791310 PM701 comes with a 3/4 Horsepower motor like the once we saw in the Delta 18-900LJET 354165 JDP-15M and EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00). In my opinion, you can do quite a good amount of job with this machine.

Bench Mortiser comes with two bushing sizes, one is 5/8 inch and the other one is a ¾ inch. As for the specifications, it can operate at a speed of maximum 1725 rotation per minute (RPM) and its stroke capacity on the head is 5-1/2 inches.

Reversible handle and the Hub

Powermatic PM701- Reversible handle and the HubSometimes the right handed and left handed user gets a problem of using the fixed handled mortisers. Then, working with that power tool become quite hard.

But this mortiser is efficiently usable with left handed or right handed people due to its reversible handle while the depth stop has an in-line design. No tools are needed for this conversion.

The extra long 23 inches operating handle fits within a hub. You can increase the speed by a locking screw, which is handle type. The solid handle lets you do the job comfortably. You can reposition the hub in any ten splines anytime the user wishes to by just pulling out. One can also easily set it to the new spot and let it slide back over the spine.

The user can move the hub to a similar type splined handle on the other part of the head by just putting out the clamp and shifting the congregation. You can move the hub to a similar type splined handle on the other part of the head by just putting out the clamp and shifting the congregation.

The user can move the hub to a similar type splined handle on the other part of the head by just putting out the clamp and shifting the congregation.

Hold-Down and Fence

The Powermatic PM701  ¾ HP Benchtop Mortiser features a 12 ½ inches wide by 2 ½ inches tall fence made of cast iron that makes adjusting necessary pieces with the chisel on the massive 12 ¾ inches wide by 8 inches deep (usable) table surface easy.

The forward to a backward rotation of the fence is done by a gear turn, prompt by the dual knobs. Once it is in a perfect position, the machine locks the fence with a couple of clamping lever. You can control these clamping lever with fingers. If it’s a small fence, there are two screw holes, on the left, and other is on the right side.  The right screw makes adding a secondary face quick and comfortable.

The Powermatic 1791310 PM701 has also provided adequate engineering expertise to the material hold down. It is made from the cast iron; the mounted hold-down is on a closed post and sealed at the needed height to set material likely 5 inches tall by a finger operated the key. To secure very delicate material down to the thickness of paper, we just need to flip the hold down over.

For keeping the wood facing the fence PM701 has a pair of roller type clamps like the once in the Jet JDP-12. These clamps are repositionable and allow shifting the material within cuts without it deviating away from the fence. This is a significantly effective aspect that gets more credible after using it few times.

Plunge System of Powermatic 1791096

Plunge System of Powermatic 1791096The Powermatic PM701 uses a shelf and sprocket to run the action of the plunge. The gear drive is combined with the 23 inches long steel. These arms, not just only provides a lot of power as well as gives the user a great sense of operating control. The performing arms are quickly adjustable to any of ten different spine positions for getting the most comfortable motion ranges for the task.

An exclusive, column attached depth stop restricting the plunge precisely in the force line. It is an important feature because it eliminates tormenting of the head. This process creates the more usual stop rods those are commonly stay at different points within the column and chisel. To know more, one can use the help of the Powermatic mortiser manual.

This racking result is small, the result of this racking is small and a deflection of the chisel that decreases the preciseness. While the friction increase within the bit and the sides of the machine.

Chisel and Chuck

The mortise has a pair of unified chisel and bit spacers for a quick setup. The distance between the center of the chisel to the fence is 4-3/8 inch and the capacity of the chisel is a ¾ inch. So, when operating the efficiency of this mortising chisel bit for the drill press is perfect for proper cuts.

The mortiser is equipped with a big attached chuck door that permits the access to the machine chuck using 4 inches chuck key. Actually, the machine can be referred as one of the best hollow chisel mortiser bits. So, the mortiser includes ¾ inch chisel bushing, chuck extension adapter, chuck key and handle.

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  • Comes with a perfect table for accurate and comfortable operation
  • Has 23 inches long steel controlled arm for better control
  • Decent power in the motor helps to drill holes smoothly
  • Made with high quality cast iron material to last longer than ever
  • Has an in-line depth stop feature to stop the needle in a perfect position
  • The durable reversible handle can change its angle quickly


  • The table of this mortiser can seem little ugly for some consumers
  • Some of the consumers said the handle being little discomforting
  • The big table can be bit problematic to keep in small spaces


There are many other models of benchtop mortisers to choose for consumers. However, the perfect choice for its stability and comfort to use categories, the PM701 can be the perfect choice for the consumers around the world for metal and woodworking. PM701 is heavy and those who just start using mortisers can feel PM701 a bit hard to use.  Its many benefits overshadow the disadvantages.

Another reason of this mortiser being a great option is the price. Compared with other similar class and sized mortiser, this hollow chisel mortiser is very much affordable. The Powermatic PM701 is lower in price doesn’t mean that it compromises the quality and persistence; don’t get it wrong, it doesn’t. In conclusion, PM701 is a money saving and worth every penny spent to have it.

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