Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press Review

Woodworking is a job that needs the exact machines that are capable to perform the perfect task. A drill press gives the preciseness and power that can’t be provided by our hands. And for that kind of job, you need a proper drill press like the Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press. Its a great choice for woodworking.

Doesn’t matter it’s for a wood shop or home workshop, a drill press that is able to perform different types of jobs is required. It plays a very critical role in constructing projects especially for drilling tilted holes or numerous holes to the same depth accurately. Rikon 8 inches’ drill press is a machine that is able to perform any type of task.

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Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press Review

If you are looking for a small bench-top with all the potentialities of performing a vast range of drilling jobs, which makes it a precious tool for metal and woodworkers for any type of wood and metal work at mechanic shops, the Nikon 30-100 8 inch is for you. It’s impressive performance and durability makes it the perfect tool for home shops and tiny garages within small spaces for light to heavy usage.

Powerful Motor with 1/3 HP Motor

If you want to get a new drill press for metalwork and also some woodwork, then you need to ensure that it comes with the option of changing the speed of the spindle to suit your various projects. As for the horsepower, the more you have, the easier it will be to drill through sturdier materials. Therefore, make sure your chosen drill press has at least three-quarters of an HP. Powerful Motor with 1/3 HP Motor

The necessary spinning force that is needed to drill through various stuff is provided by the powerful motor. Using Rikon 30-100 Benchtop makes the works smooth and efficient by providing the best drills with 3.6 AMP motor to provide enough power required for the drilling operation.

Changeable Table height and Tilt

Rikon 30-1008 inches’ benchtop comes with adjustable table height and table tilt which makes using the drill press very simple. The worktable on Rikon 30-100 8 inches’ bench top is assembled from mechanical mold plate that is very comfortable to shift up and down just by shifting the crank handle set in the support column.

The table is adjusted with the pinion gears and rack, which gives the scope to make various kind of adjustments that make the work comfortable. The best thing is user can comfortably fix the table to the desired height or tilt it to any degree. The table is specially designed to allow usage of a variety of clamps and fences with use slots. The table is planned especially so that different types of grips and fences can be used.

Solid base material (Steel Cast Iron Construction)

This drill press is rugged with heavy-duty steel and cast iron construction for vibration free long-lasting operation. It also includes easy iron handles made with solid iron and the advantage of this is it doesn’t even bend after a longer period of times usage. This makes Nikon 8-inch bench top very strong and durable.

 Spindle Speed is Perfect for Drilling

If you work with metal, you’ll generally need to ensure the speed is as low as possible, while if you work with wood, the speed needs to be raised in the high or medium range. In my opinion, if you’re after versatility, then go for a model that operates between 500 RPMs and 4000 RPMs.

The speed of the spindle of Rikon 30-100 helps to drill two different types of materials. The Rikon 30-100 comes with five speeds fluctuating from variable 620-3100 RPM (rotation per minute) relying upon the sort of material and measurement of the hole required.

This specification is very important and crucial when drilling utilizing different bits and different sizes of bits on various stuff. Simple re-positioning of the belts on the disks remarkably adjusts the machine to five new speeds.

Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press

The drive belts are operated manually without any trained skills. If we are drilling wide holes in stuff that is hard,  the best speed is lower speed, and on the contrary, drilling tiny holes on softer stuff, higher speed is the best. The “Keyed Chuck” is very ordinary to adjust with ½ inch volume for bits of extensive ranges.

Accurate Rotating System for pointed and deep holes

The work surface table can be tilted up to 45 degrees both right and left-handed which makes drilling tilted holes with a higher level of accuracy very suitable.

Depth Stop of Rikon 30-100

Rikon 30-100 8-inch bench top is very compatible with 4 inches chuck that precisely equipped into the slots and


perfectly set the depth stops and machine depth for accurate and repeatable drilling.


Depth Stop of Rikon 30-100

This Drill Press includes a clutch depth stop that helps to choose the required drilling depth. This makes the work easier and precise and the user gets perfect drilling. When drilling same depth holes on different materials depth stop is also very important.

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  • Comes with sturdy material like the class drill presses and last longer
  • The construction quality of high strength and Cast-iron gives steady long-term services
  • Has a great feature with great capabilities to works effortlessly
  • Variable speed of this drill press ensures different works perfectly
  • Has depth adjustment mechanism for easy and friendly depth control
  • The 3.6 Amp powerful motor can produce the toughest job for drill presses
  • Has the design to provide bits with larger diameters for woodworking
  • Comes with five-year limited warranty with proper customer services


  • You will have to buy a separate table for proper drilling in case of bigger sheets
  • Comes with a thin fiction plate that bends easily and needs adjustment
  • You need hammer for Installing the chuck properly on the drill press

Final Thought

If the machine doesn’t perform as per user’s expectations drilling is boring for the consumer for performing woodworking. Rikon 8 inch drill press saves from that type of situations and has the ability to turn the workshop into an enjoyable and satisfactory place.

Overall, the Rikon 30-100 8 inch is the best option for many domestic users without any doubts. The machine requires almost no knowledge of operating skill. The performance, durability and safety features of this machine are significant.

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