Rockwell Drill Press RK7033 Review

From the beginning, Rockwell decided to do things differently. Their idea was to build machines that performed like those used by professionals but priced at a level that a hobbyist could afford. So, when you look at their Rockwell Drill Press RK7033, you can see the quality and features matching with the highest level.

With a powerful motor of 6.2-Amp, it’s amazing that the actual cost to make a power tool like a drill press is actually about one-third of the selling price. So, you will have a professional grade drill press that can process huge workloads for daily basis.

Rockwell makes tools, not gadgets, they have some heavy drillers like Rockwell drill press 15-081 and Rockwell drill press 15-6653. However, the RK7033 is their later item. With different speed settings and tilting table, drilling with this Rockwell RK7033 Drill Press will be very comfortable and accurate.

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Rockwell Drill Press Review: Model RK7033

The Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press is famous for its heavy-duty motor that can process tough materials like a piece of cake. Also, it comes with precise drilling ability with its excellent Rockwell drill press parts and speed settings.

I am also impressed with some of the safety features along with quality options that make drilling a lot easier. If you are interested in this DP, then you can go through the Rockwell drill press review in the section below.

Powerful 2/3 HP Motor for Reliable Performance

Rockwell Drill Press RK7033- Powerful 2/3 HP Motor for Reliable PerformanceThe RK7032 is a bench top drill press, or as some people call them a table top drill press. This Rockwell Drill Press will ensure excellent performance with its powerful motor and machinery.  It uses standard 120 VAC for power and the motor is larger than most of the competitive products and is rated at 6.2-Amp.

The power of the motor is similar to the WEN 4214 Drill press model. The 2/3 HP power is awesome to process toughest items very easily. The machine will not stop during drillings due to any toughness of the metals. You will have smooth and endless drilling operations with this high quality drill press.

5 Speed Setting for Versatile Operations

You can process different kinds of items with this Rockwell Drill Press RK7033 model. It has five different speed settings for creating precise drill holes. The faster speed will make processing softer materials like wood and plastic quicker.

To drill heavy materials like metal, you need to lower the speed. Then you will have precise drilling experience. To make an advanced use of the speed setting, you can read the Rockwell drill press manual properly.

With the powerful 2.3 HP motor, this variable speed setting is a big bonus for professional drilling.

Comfortable User Experience with Table and Spindle

Rockwell Drill Press RK7033- Comfortable User Experience with Table and SpindleComfort is one of the major features for any woodworking or metalworking power tools. This benchtop drill press even includes a tilting table top so drill holes at an angle up to 45 degrees are no problem. So, moving the metal left to right will no longer be a problem with this Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press.

It’s a 10 model and it very affordable. Instead of listing some useless specifications like the distance between the table and the gear head, Rockwell gives you things like spindle travel. Which happens to be 2.375.

The Drilling Accuracy and Stability of the RK7033

The accuracy is assured with a nice oversize column with a diameter of 2.75. About the only downside, and it’s a small one, in my opinion, is that the drill press table on the Rockwell Drill Press RK7032 is on the lower side. With a proper Rockwell drill press review, we can easily say that it is a stable item.

It’s really not a problem because building a larger drill press table is simple to do but it would be nice if the table was a little larger. For the most part, the stability of a small drill press comes from the size of the base. In the case of the Rockwell drill press.

Secure Drilling Option

Rockwell Drill Press RK7033- Secure Drilling OptionPersonally, I have tried using Rockwell Drill Press RK7033 presses without securing them to the bench and I can speak from experience when I say you need to secure the drill press to the bench. You don’t have to drill holes or attach it permanently though. I use C-clamps to secure the drill press.

The high quality motor and Rockwell drill press parts make it a safe product for using. Also, to be extra secure, you should check the Rockwell drill press manual for a proper setting and use methods.

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  • Comes with an excellent built quality to provide longer service
  • Have five-speed settings for processing different kinds of materials
  • This Rockwell drilling machine comes with a powerful motor
  • Very stable product to use for daily home improvement works
  • Very easy to use with the help of Rockwell drill press manual
  • The Rockwell RK7033 DP comes at a relatively lower price


  • You will have this drill press disassembled from the providers

Final Thought

With understanding the Rockwell drill press review properly, you can easily be convinced on using this product. The speed settings and the motor will let you have an easy and precise drilling experiences.

Also, the product has impressive built quality and reliability to use for professional purposes. The security and stability will enhance your drilling ability with high-quality drill hole finishes. I love some of the significant features of this excellent drill press.

If you want a high-quality product that is built to last a lifetime and has the features you need to get the job done, then you should take a look at their product line. If you want performance in a drill press, then a Rockwell Drill press is for you.

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