SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench Review

The power tools have become very popular over last two decades. A lot of people are now involving in home improvements by themselves. It has become a popular hobby for the American homeowners. And with the growth of popularity, the SE manufacturer has come with the SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press. The machine is becoming popular for its excellent features and compact design.

I have been using this mini drill press in my customized garage workshop, and I am more than satisfied with the service of it. Despite its small size, you will find drilling quite comfortable and also well perform. I love the variable speeds of this small drill press

With the comfort, you will also love the precise drilling with the speed variation of this micro drill press.

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SE 97511MDP Mini Drill Press Bench Review

The SE 97511MDP Mini Drill Press Bench is one of the mini drill press available on the market. It comes with an excellent construction quality some efficient features. Therefore, this drill press is perfect with some identical options that make it very effective in a mini drill press for jewelry. Let us find out more on this precision mini drill press below.

Compact Design and Lightweight

SE 97511MDP Mini Drill Press Bench- Compact Design and LightweightThe SE 97511MDP miniature drill press has a very compact size like the Proxxon 38128 tbm. So, you can easily set the 6-9/16 inches by 6-9/16 inches’ dimension of this machine in a very small space. Adding comfort in setting, the base of this power tool take only 6-5/8” by 6-5/8” space. So, if you have a small corner, you can use the machine in there.

Along with the small size, the overwhelming weight makes this machine very attractive. Actually, the weight of the product was lighter than my expectation with 2.2 pounds. So, placing and carrying this small drill press is very easy. I love this size and weight of the SE drill press, as it lets me carry it anywhere I go.

Variable Speed for Precise Drilling

SE 97511MDP Mini Drill Press Bench- Variable Speed for Precise DrillingWith being super small in weight and cheap in prices, some can get confused on the quality of this drill press. Well, the SE company will surprise you with quality and features. Also, this SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press comes with some effective features for comfortable and accurate drilling. You will like the variable speed settings.

It can provide variable 3 speeds with 5000, 6500, 8000 RPM. Considering the size, this variation is a big bonus. Also, adjusting the speed of this precision mini drill press is very easy during drilling. The different speed settings make sure, you can have accurate and high finishing holes through woods and other materials.

Motor Power Consumption and Performance

Along with taking a very small in size, the drill press also takes a very little power. It takes only 100 watts for wood and jewelry working. The power consumption is similar to the EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00), which is another great miniature drill press for woodworking. It saves utility bill, while not compromising the performance of drilling.

This mini drill press works with 110v/6-Hz voltage. With taking such less power, you will be surprised with its woodworking ability. So, people who are looking for less power consumption will be really happy with the SE 97511MDP Mini Drill Press Bench.

Built Quality and Ease of Use

SE 97511MDP Mini Drill Press Bench- Built Quality and Ease of UseAlthough the drill press comes with a very small size and lightweight, it doesn’t comprise the quality. The materials that are used in this machine are sturdy and high quality. So the DP will provide decent service for a longer time. I have been using this machine for more than a year and I haven’t found any major problems with this one.

With the simple and minimal design, using is very easy. You can change the speed of the drill press using proper knob. Adjusting the SE 97511MD is also simple. You can concentrate on only drilling with this machine. Using mini drill press is easy if you give it proper time and learn a bit. Later, working with these drill presses becomes really comfortable.

Spindle Travel, Chuck Key, and Performance

While it is not the most powerful drill presses in the market, it does a decent job in miniature drill press projects. The spindle can travel to one inch. If you are working on miniature drill press works, the travel is enough. The maximum drill capacity of the SE97511MDP is up to 6 mm.

The chuck key length is 6 mm. So. I am really satisfied with the precision holes coming out from the drill press. It is a great one for woodworking. You will love the smooth operation and high-quality holes out of it.

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  • Has a very a compact design to fit in small spaces
  • Very easy to assemble and use for woodworking
  • Can drill decent height of items with 7.5” drill height
  • Takes a very low power for drilling woods and plastics
  • You can adjust the drill height for comfortable spacing
  • Comes with variable speed with 5000 to 8000 RPM
  • The maximum drill capacity of is up to 6 mm


  • Not as powerful as bench top drill presses

Final Thought

The SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press comes with exceptional size to fit in a very small space. With the lightweight and compact design, you can place it and carry it anywhere very easily. Also, this drill press saves you utility by consuming Low power.

The drill press can precisely make holes in woods with its high-quality spindle and machine. You will love this power tool for woodworking. Especially, it will allow you to work with concentration on small items.

Moreover, the drill press comes with a really affordable price for such quality. I am very pleased with the overall quality, service, and features of this mini drill press and will recommend it to others.

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