Shop Fox W1667 Oscillating Drill Press Review

If you are looking for a drill press with oscillating capacity, then the Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP Bench-Top Drill Press can be a great choice. This drill press also comes with some necessary features, that makes wood working very easy and precise.

The oscillating drill press allows you to contour sands, which is great option to have with your woodworking tool. You can easily use this drill press for regular sanding along with other home improvement works.

The shop fox drill press will ensure excellent service with its high end design and construction. One of my colleague has been using this tool for more than one and half years without any problems.

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Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP Bench-Top Drill Press Review

This oscillating drill press offers some significant features. With the oscillating spindle, you will have a comfortable rotating table and a powerful motor for your regular wood working projects. Also, the accuracy of this machine will surprise you.

There are some lovable features as well with this best kinds drill press. Let us find more on this excellent drill press below.

Excellent Construction Quality for Longevity

The Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Drill Press comes with a great built quality to provide reliable service. The solid construction with the durable metal added more strength to this power tool to endure a lot of workloads.

You can use this best quality drill press for endless drilling during busy hours. Also, the other materials and motor comes with highest quality to last longer. If you are looking for reliable drilling machines, this is the one for you.

Oscillating Spindle of Shop Fox W1667

Oscillating Spindle of Shop Fox W1667One of the major reason I love this drill press is the precision ground spindle. It can travel up to 1.625 inches with oscillating option. If you are serious about great finished holes through materials, then the spindle will provide a great performance to your need. So, if you are looking to process materials that are bit thick, you do not have to think much with this machine.

This drill press comes with an accurate sanding spindle. You can easily use this spindle of Shop Fox W1667 for sanding drums from1 to 2 inches’ diameter. It can process up to 4-1/4 inches long. Also, the component and function of this spindle make sure it provides lasting service without any problems.

Extra Layer of Safety with the Safety Switch

Along with the built quality, the company offers a proper safety level for the user. The Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP Bench-Top Drill Press comes with a paddle switch for extra security. You can easily locate the switch of this drill press during your busy drilling sessions.

The oversized paddle with the removable key system give better and safer access to the switch and reduce any chances of fumbling and other reason that can lead to incidents. So, you can easily on and off the machine without any trouble.

Adjustable Tilting Table and Dust Port

Shop Fox W1667 Oscillating Drill Press- Adjustable Tilting Table and Dust PortYou need a table that can be adjusted to left and right to fit different sizes of materials. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a 90 degree tilting table with the Shop Fox W1667 Bench-Top Drill Press. Moreover, the seven inches’ square table is decent enough to keep materials properly on it. So, processing big items will not be very tough to work on this reletively medium sized drill press.

Like the Shop Fox W1668 drill press, this DP allows you to drill the sand surface in various angles. So, it gives excellent flexibility in sanding and drilling. The flexibility of this feature lets you work with more access and accuracy.

There is a 2-1/4-inch dust port with this Shop Fox drill press. The port is attached with the dust collection system of this drill press. Also, it keeps the work space clean and let you concentrate properly.

Accurate Drilling and Sanding Performance

Shop Fox W1667 Oscillating Drill Press- Accurate Drilling and Sanding PerformanceI am a big fan of accurate drilling. The holes needed to be precise and smooth to fit in my choice list. Like the shop fox drill press w1668 model, this drill press offers precise and high quality holes through smooth drilling.

The powerful motor that works with ½ horsepower, is enough for most of the works. It works with a 1.5 inches’ chuck. So, you can drill through a decent thickness without any problem.

The motor of this drill press allows you to have relentless drilling operation without any trouble. So, you will have power along with the preciseness from the Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP Bench-Top Drill Press.

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  • Comes with a heavy duty built quality to last a long period
  • This drill press has a ½ horsepower motor for decent performance
  • Very reliable drilling and sanding machine for regular usages
  • Come with safety switch feature to avoid incidents
  • The spindle can travel to 1.625 inches for drilling thick materials
  • Very reliable drill press with an affordable price
  • You will have accurate drilling with this power tool


  • Some feature may need some times to learn

Final Verdict

The Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP Bench-Top Drill Press comes with oscillating feature, which is a big bonus for a drill press. You will have an accurate drill machine for processing metals and other materials. The finishing of the drilling holes are smooth, precise and in high quality.

The ½ horsepower motor can provide relentless drilling with great power. Also, the travel of spindle will make sure of its high performance. You can use this drilling tool for regular usages due to its reliability. The sanding option is another great feature you can get form a power tool.

With the overall Shop Fox W1667 Review, we can safely say that this power tool has great options and quality to get into anyone’s favorite list.

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