How to Use a Mini Drill Press?

When you’re looking for a portable drill press, you can go for a mini drill press. There are some benefits of using a mini drill press. It can be placed very easily in any kinds of workshop due to its small sizes. Also, you can carry a mini drill press anywhere.

The mini drill presses have a compact design, which are different from the normal table top and benchtop drill presses. The working process and the function may also have some distinction from the traditional drill presses.

You need to understand the mini drill functions before using for woodworking with it. It will help you to drill materials with more comfort and ease.

Steps on How to Use a Mini Drill Press

You can bring this drill press at home or shop. It ensures the precision and control of the drill press for small parts like- jewelry and DIY crafting. Thus, this lightweight and compact drill press are handy for lighter work.

We have experimented different mini drill presses: some of the top models around the market. after few experiments, we have shortened a list of seven steps to use a mini drill press. Let’s find out those steps below:

Step-1: Unplug the mini drill and change the drill bits

It’s important to unplugging the drill during changing the bits of it for safety. So, when you’re changing the drill bits, make sure that it’s unplugged. After that set the required drill bit by loosening the chuck.

drill bit unplug

Next, you should tighten the chuck. You can use the key make a proper sight of the chuck of drill presses. If you are not finding the chuck, then you can read manually. Most of the time the chuck is located right around the chosen bit.

Step-2: Set the Height of the Drill Press

One of the important aspects of drilling is the height of a drill press. It lets you accommodate items that needed to be drilled. For mini drill press, the maximum height is 10 inch or less. So you need to loosen the crank screw or knob to secure and accommodate the head of the unit. This will create proper space for having more control in drilling.

If you do not even know how to Use a mini drill press, you can set the height using manual. To lose the cranks screw you need to take proper concentration. On the other hand, you’ve to set the height of the table top. After setting the height, tighten the knob.

Step-3: Adjust the Drilling Height Properly

Adjusting the drill press height of the mini drill presses aren’t that tough. When you’re holding the drill head, loosen the black key at the back. Next, raise or lower the head to the desired height and finally tighten the key to ensure the proper height.small drill press

However, you can use some simple tips for adjusting the heights. Like, before adjusting the drilling depth set it to zero in the digital depth gauge.

Step-4: Adjust the RPM of the Speed

Speed is one of the mandatory features of a drill press. You are required to set a proper speed with variation to process different kinds of materials. Adjusting the speed is not a big deal. If your model has speed setting dial, then setting the right speed is easiest. You can adjust it according to your desired rpm.

On the other hand, some mini drill presses have knob system which stops at various speed. In this case, slip the belts onto other pulleys, and thus you can change the speed. The knob systems are easy to set and change in between drilling. Before testing the speed move the lid over the pulleys for covering.

Step-5: For Complete Drilling Through the Stock

Using a mini drill press has some significance to the normal ones. It has some functional difference due to its size. If you are processing bigger surfaces, then you need to learn some steps to do it properly.

For drilling through the stock in a complete manner, you need to set the hole of the stock under the drill bit. Then you should slide the table ledge. If you want half drilling of the stock, then leave the edge of any solid space.

Step-6: Use Safety Goggles and Gloves

Some woodworkers do not take proper safety equipment during drilling. This can cause different kinds of incident. When you are working with power tools taking proper safety precaution is a must. This is the foremost step in using normal as well as mini drill presses.

Take proper safety equipment’s like gloves if you need. Also, protecting your eyes is a must. So, don’t forget to use your safety goggles. While you’re plugging the mini drill press, ensure that you’re wearing the goggles.

Step-7: Process of drilling:

Place the specific position of the item for drilling on the table of the drill press. Next, pull the crank handle towards you so that you can lower down the drill bit onto the item. It will give you better control on placing the bit in the right spot. If you want to learn how to use a mini drill press properly, you have to learn to place the drill spindle first.

Next, place the bit on the precise spot where you’ll do the drilling. Before start drilling, hold the stock firmly and power on the drilling press. Now pull on the crank handle again for bring the spinning drill bit closer to the stock. Now finally, drill the stock according to the required depth and withdraw the drill bit as soon as drilling is completed.

We have come to these seven steps after a lot of research and experiments of using mini drill presses. I hope these complete 7 steps will let you understand how to use a drill press perfectly.


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