WEN 4210 Drill Press In Depth Review

If you are looking for an accurate drill press, then this WEN 4210 Drill Press is the one to look for. With accurate spindle, the Crosshair Laser feature will make drilling comfortable and precise. You will have an excellent hole with smooth finishes out of this Wen drill press.

I love the power with the preciseness of this metalworking drill press. With the powerful motor, you can process thick metals without any problem. One of the major reasons to review this WEN 4210 along with Wen 4212 drill press is the torque power. The machine will not stop during drilling toughest surfaces.

So, you can use this WEN 4210 drill machine for any kinds of professional needs without any hesitation. This drill press is growing very popular for its service and longevity also.

WEN 4210 Drill Press Review

You will have 3.2 Amp motor along with laser guide system for endless drilling holes with high quality finishes. Also, the adjustable worktable and decent spindle travel will let you process thick metal. Let’s find out more on this machine in the Wen 4210 drill press review below.

Great Performance with a Powerful Motorwen 4210 speed adjustment

The Wen 4210 drill press with laser 10-inch comes with a powerful motor. The motor operates with 2/4 horsepower and provides excellent torque. So, if you are in a hurry, you can process materials very quickly with his drill press. When we compare Wen 4210 vs 4208 model, the power is the main difference. Comparing the 1/3 HP of Wen 4208, the 2/3 gives a better performance.

The 3.2 AMP motor of this heavy duty drill press will ensure excellent torque and power for processing thick and sturdy metal surface. Also, the drill press will not cause any problem, when you have to process an over workloads.

Variable Speed Setting for Precise Drilling

If you own wood and metalworking workshop, then you know the important of the adjustable speed of a drill press. There are different kinds of metals and materials available, which you need to drill regularly.

Without the speed setting, you cannot have accuracy in the drilled holes on them. Well, the Wen 4210 drill press with crosshair laser have five speeds for the accuracy in drilling different materials. Well to drill properly through different kinds of items, you can use the help of the Wen 4210 manual.

You can use the lower speeds like the 570, 900 for thick and tough metals. If you need quicker performance, you have 1390, 2050 and 3050 RPM speeds of the Wen drill press. This speed setting is similar to the Wen 4212 Drill press. The only difference of Wen 4210 vs 4212 is the lowest speed, which is little lower in the 4214 model.

Laser Guiding System and Spindle Travel

wen functions 4210Well to enhance the accuracy in drilling holes, the manufacturer has introduced the laser guide system. The Wen 4210 drill press with crosshair laser can provide excellent finishing in holes with different kinds and thickness of metal and woods.

This laser guide system may seem little unusual for some of the users. But after a few use and with the Wen 4210 drill press manual, you can easily get the maximum benefit out of this Wen drill press.

With the changeable chuck option, you can drill different sizes of holes with this drill press very easily. Also the 2- ¼ inches of spindle travel is excellent to drill thicker items.

Depth Adjustment Gauge for Extra Accuracy

Well when providing information in the Wen 4210 review, we shouldn’t forget the depth adjustment gauge system of this top class drill press. With this feature, you can set the adjustment lever to a certain depth.

It will limit the travel of the spindle and make a more precise hole with drilling. The repeatable drilling operation from the Wen model 4210 will ensure the greatest finishing with the holes.

Comparing Wen 4210 vs Wen 4214 drill press, this depth adjustment gauge makes both item very efficient. You will have excellent accuracy with these both model.

Comfortable Worktable of Wen model 4210

The heavy duty sturdy table is also a featured advantage of this drill press. Wen is a quality manufacturer which comes with adjustable worktable in most of their drill presses. In comparing Wen 4210 vs 4214 & Wen 4210 vs 4212 model, we have seen the adjustable worktable in common.

wen 4210 Comfortable Worktable

Well, the adjustable table of the Wen 4210 drill press comes with 45 degrees of tilting capacity. So, you can rotate the table for drilling without changing your position. It makes drilling a lot easier and comfortable with this DP.

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  • Comes with a powerful motor with 3.2 amp with excellent performance
  • This Wen Drill Press Can process tough metals without any problem
  • Have five-speed settings for drilling different kinds of metals and woods
  • Very comfortable drill press with the rotating and adjusting table
  • The operation of drilling is very smooth with this power tool
  • Operating and assembling is easy with the Wen 4210 drill press manual
  • This DP has laser guide system for more accuracy in drilling
  • It has depth adjustment gauge system for accurate & repeatable drilling


  • You need to loosen some bolt with this DP to rotate the table

Final Thought

Most of the users, who used this drill press for some period are really happy with its performance and service. It’s because of the excellent features of the WEN 4210 Drill Press. With the speed settings, you will have the opportunity to process different materials.

I love the accuracy, power and the performance of this excellent drill press. You can easily utilize its different features to have improved drilling experience with this product. Moreover, the company offers a very cheap amount for this excellent quality drill press.

With the proper WEN 4210 review and comparison with other models, we can easily say this is one of our favorite drill presses. It worth every penny it asks for their service, quality, and supports.


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