Best Drill Press Reviews and Complete Guide 2017

Are you looking for the best drill press to drill holes in the materials? Are you looking for a perfect machine for your daily wood and metal works? If yes, then you are in the right place. We will provide a full list with brief drill press reviews on the top products on the market.

Drill presses are very important machines for different kinds of woodwork and drilling metal surfaces. It is the perfect tool for drilling holes through various materials. A top quality drill press will make sure of a perfect hole with reducing your hassle and time.

So, you need to have the best products from the vast numbers of brands of drill presses. We have provided a list of top drill presses with reviews discussing the features and their advantages. Read through this article to find out more.

Top 10 Best Drill Press Reviews

Having a proper drill press is very important. But, it can be very problematic to have one for the numbers of companies and their bias advertisements. You can easily get carried away with their promotional information and end up in buying the wrong drill press.

To help in sorting this problem, our experts have tested different drill presses in the market. They have also gone through a brief research to find the top drill press brand and their products. We have come up with a list of best drill press of 2017.

Let’s find out the top 10 best picks of drill presses with a brief review below:

WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

Best drill press - WEN 4208

Editor Rating:

The WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press is one of the cheapest drill press available in the market. Despite its low price, you will very happy with the features and quality of this excellent drill press. Also, the excellent built quality of this press will amaze you the rigid frame ensures durability during heavy usages.

This drill press can operate with five different speeds. You can properly utilize 740, 1100 RPM for slower speed during precise drilling operations. If you need the support of higher speed, then 1530, 2100, 3140 RPM can help your cause. So, cutting different kinds of material with various thickness is very easy with the WEN 4208 drill press.

The drill press can provide you perfect and repeatable operations for you. Thanks to the 2-inch spindle travel of the drill press. Also, the press is very powerful with the 1/3 HP induction motor. It provides proper torque to process harder material accurately. Also, the heavy duty ball bearing will make sure of the longevity of this drill press.

What I like most is the adjustability of this Wen drill press. You can adjust the height to cope with different sized materials. Also, 45-degree adjustability of the levels adds flexibility. Therefore, working with different parts and hard surface is really comfortable.

The WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press can process hard metal, plastic and wood accurately. Additionally, the maximum capacity of this drill press is half and inches, which is decent enough for most of the workshops.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong 1/3 HP induction motor can process hard materials
  • The 2 Inch spindle can travel to a log-linear depth
  • It can operate with 620, 1100, 1720, 2340 and 3100 RPM speeds
  • Has an adjustable height for cope with various materials
  • Very sturdy materials with proper longevity during heavy usage
  • This drill has a maximum capacity of ½ inches

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

Editor Rating:

The SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press is one of the most popular drill presses available in the market. The product comes with excellent construction quality that can support heavy duty works during busy schedules. So, you can use this DP in the workshop without any hesitations.

This drill press is very popular for making precise holes on the hard surface. Thanks to the laser guide system. It lets you accurately measure the surface and let you drill the material faster without any trouble. The laser guide helps you to process any kinds of materials like metal, wood, and plastic. You can have the accuracy with the X2 2-beam laser and have precise holes.

One of the major problems of the drill press is the limited flexibility. Well, not with the skill 3320-01 3.2 amp 10-inch drill press. The bed of this drill press can be tilted easily for 45 degrees in both of the directions. It lets you easily cut the hole through hard and soft materials.

I love the different speed system of this DP. The five speeds setting that come with his SKIL Drill Press is a big bonus for such priced machine. It lets you cut through any kind of material properly and accurately. You can choose between 570 – 3,050 RPM speeds according to your need.

Also, the powerful machine can process harder material very easily due to its 1/2-Inch Keyed Chuck. It can also provide support for the material which requires larger diameters. The overall features and qualities of the SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press is perfect for any kinds of home and workshop usages.

Highlighted Features

  • Come with Laser X2 2-Beam for guide and accuracy
  • You can have easy depth control with this drill press
  • Comes with a powerful 3.2 Amp motor for heavy duty works
  • Cast iron base and work table for processing harder materials
  • Excellent built quality to serve longer periods
  • Comes with five different speeds for various materials

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Editor Rating:

This delta drill press is made with the rugged and sturdy material. So, you can use this excellent drill press in the workshop for professional usage. The heavy duty nature of this Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press will make sure to provide proper service during heavy workloads. It comes with a powerful ¾ horsepower motor. This powerful motor can process any kinds of material with maximum performance.

I like the Auto-Tensioning belt drive system of the Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press. It lets me easily changes the speed with excellent efficiency in the transmission. So, cutting through various materials are now even more accurate and easy. Also, this efficient transition makes cutting very quick too.

If you are looking for deep drilling, then this is a proper drill press for you. The full 6-inch quill stroke provides excellent supports in deeper drilling requirements. Also, the auto adjustment belt system of this delta laser drill press is a big bonus. You will love the 16 speeds for reliable drilling performance. It will let you cut any kinds of materials with precise and proper holes. So, you can now process different kinds of material without any doubt.

I like the chart that guides me in tough situations. Whenever I am in a bit doubt, I can use the assisting chart of this DP. It makes operating this machine very easy and reliable. The machine comes with six years of warranty. So, you do not have to worry about changing it for a decent period.

The machine can move up to 48 degrees on both left and right side. So cutting materials is flexible with the adjustability. The overall built quality and features of this machine are perfect for heavy duty workshops. It is also very user-friendly for repeated usage.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a powerful motor of ¾ horsepower for heavy usage
  • Comes with sturdy built quality for long time usage
  • Has auto-tensioning belt drive system with 16 speeds
  • You can tilt the machine for 48 degrees left and right
  • 6-Inch quill stroke for high performing deeper drilling
  • Can process various materials accurately

EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00) Bench-Top Drill Press

EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00) Bench-Top Drill Press

Editor Rating:

If you are looking for high performing drill press machine in a decent price range, then this is the perfect drill press choice for you. The EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00) Bench-Top Drill Press comes with some effective features to make drilling easier. It can cut up to five inches deep into the harder surface. So, you can have a high-quality drill press at a low price.

I like the speed variation of this EURO TOOL Drill press. It lets me work with three different speeds to process different kinds of material. Variosity in the speed lets me cut through the metal, plastic, and wood with a great accuracy. You can have the maximum speed of 8500 RPM, which is good enough for heavy materials.

This is a benchtop drill, so you can have more accuracy in drilling metals than handheld drill presses. Also, you can process more items in a short time.  Therefore, if you are in a hurry during busy days, the EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00) Bench-Top Drill Press will save your valuable time.

Sometimes, bigger sized drill press can be very annoying to use in the homes as placing it can be a big problem. Well, you will happy to know that this DP has a compact size with 6-3/4 inches by 6-3/4 inches. So, placing it any corner of the workshop will not be any issue. Also, the 13 pounds’ weight makes it very easy to carry.

The overall built quality is decent enough along with the user-friendly features. You will have a powerful motor that generates 100 watts of power. liked this excellent drill press for their handy options and decent price tag. Also, the dimension and flexibility make the product worth it.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a compact size to fit in the workshops easily
  • Very easy to cut the metal with the various speeds
  • You will have a high-quality Drill Press
  • Easier to carry and maintain for the lightweight
  • Superior Quality with a powerful motor
  • Can have the ultimate speed of 8500 RPM

JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press

JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press

Editor Rating:

The JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press is renowned as the best bench mount drill press in the market. This drill press will provide excellent performance with its powerful machine and different speeds for accurate and limitless drilling. You will surely love the features and the quality of this DP.

The machine comes with 16 different speeds for accurate drilling. You can process plastic, metal, wood and different kinds of material very easily using these speeds. I love the versatile speeds of this drill press from 200 RPM to 3650 RPM. So, you can use slow and careful drilling for precise operation. Or, if you are in a busy schedule, you can use fast carving. This machine is perfect for any professional workshop.

The rotating table of this drill press has an adjustment mechanism. You can adjust the 10 by a 13-inch surface with the crank. I like to control the drilling. And this JET Bench Drill Press allows flexibility along with the control. Thanks to the 45-degree tilting facility of it. I can move it left and right to have better access and do my job perfectly.

This machine has a powerful 3/4 HP motor that works with 115/230-Volt. You can have relentless drilling without any problem. Also, this DP displays the depth of the material that helps you to drill it more precisely. There is a push button, that save your energy by stopping the machine when resting. So, now you can enjoy accurate drilling with using less energy.

I love the overall features of this drill press. It lets me work with excellent power for the hard surface and also accuracy for precise drilling. Also, the flexibility and the other options make it one of the favorites for drilling.

Highlighted Features

  • Large Work Table and 45 degrees swinging for flexibility
  • Has a powerful motor for working with hard surface
  • Comes with a switch button that helps to save power
  • Offers 16 different speeds for precise drilling
  • Very easy to operate with the effective features
  • Perfect drill press for precise drilling with excellent finishes
  • Comes in a great quality for professional uses

JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press

JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press

Editor Rating:

Sometimes a small drill press cannot cover the needs of a workshop where you need power and the ability to do the relentless job. That’s where you need a workhorse. If you are looking for a powerful machine that can provide heavy service, then this JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press deserves an eye. This strongly constructed floor drill press will amaze you with every aspect.

This excellent floor drill press comes with a powerful 1.5 horsepower motor. So, you can process huge workloads with this machine without any trouble. Also, this powerful machine can drill any kinds of hard surface with an excellent performance.

Also, the drilling capacity of this DP is great with one inch for cast iron and 3/4-inch for mild steel. This floor drill press is precisely made for professional uses along with home preference.

Along with the power, you will enjoy the accuracy of this machine. It can precisely drill through different kinds of material with utilizing its different speeds. It has 12 speeds from 150 to 4,200 RPM like the reputed grizzly g7943 drill press. You can easily change the speed by opening the metal cover and then slipping the belt on the pulley. After a few uses, this drill press is very easy to operate.

 This JET 354170 Floor Drill Press comes with a built-in lamp which can be very useful in the low light situation. also, it has on of switch on the drill press head located in front. Like the most other Drill Press, this JET 354170/JDP-20MF has 45 degrees of tilting worktable. So, you will have more flexibility and comfort in working with the materials.

The power and the built quality of this drill press make it one of the best picks for heavy workloads. It has some useful features that can also make your drilling precise and easier. The price of this machine worth for the power and quality it provides.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a powerful 1. 5 horsepower motor
  • Has 12 spindle speeds for drilling various kinds of materials
  • Covers speed from 1250 to 4200 rpm for accurate drilling
  • Comes with excellent construction quality for heavy uses
  • Has a useful built-in light for working
  • Can drill 1 inch for cast iron and 3/4-inch mild steel

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Editor Rating:

The WEN 4214 drill press is very popular for its heavy-powered drilling operations. Also, it is renowned for its high-accuracy in drilling various kinds of materials and special woods. You will have all the high-quality features in this drill press at a medium range price. Additionally, this machine is constructed with high-quality sturdy materials, that will provide services for many years. You will love the performance, reliability, and comfort of this top quality drill press.

I love the infinite amount of variable speeds of this machine. I can choose anything between 580 to 3200 RPMS. So, this features adds more control and accuracy for drilling more precise holes. You can have perfect holes in all kinds of materials like hard metal, woods or plastics.

Also, the head, base, and table work perfectly to provide the proper speed. You can easily adjust the speed by using the belt of WEN 4214. It is known as the best variable speed drill press. The DP allows seeing the speed via its LED display.

This variable speed drill press is made with a strong induction motor with 2/3 horsepower. This power makes sure you can process any kinds of hard surface quickly. So, if you are in busy workload situation, this machine will help you with quick drilling. Also, the powerful motor with the robust worktable will ensure that you can have accurate holes with proper finishes.

The WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press has 9-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches’ height adjustable work table. It can also bevel to forty-five degrees left and right. So, your drilling will be easier with the flexibility it offers. The spindle of this DP can travel 3-1/8″ easily. You will enjoy the repeated drilling holes of this machine. I love this user-friendly drill press for the excellent features and facilities. Also, you can get this high-class drill press at a low price.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a Powerful 2/3" HP inductive motor
  • Can process wood and metal sheets accurately
  • Offers versatility with the infinite speed (580-3200 RPMS)
  • This DP has a digital display to see the speed
  • Very durable with heavy build construction quality
  • Table can be moved to 45-degrees right & left

Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press

Editor Rating:

The Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B is one of the best table-top drill presses available in the market. This machine is very popular amongst the woodworkers for the useful features and excellent performance. the expandable worktable of this drill press is probably the largest in the market. And also, you can rotate the table for 90 degrees if you need. This flexibility makes drilling very comfortable and thus most of the people grow fond with this machine.

One of the major needs in woodworking is the speed adjusting capacity. This Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press offers unlimited variables of speeds. You will have a digital RPM readout to adjust the spindle speed for various kinds of operations. Therefore, cutting proper and accurate holes in the materials is very easy. The superb performance and speed controlling make it a make it the best drill press for metal according to some experts.

I love the fine-tune speed that lets me drill holes more accurately through the materials. You can automatically change the speed with the notch very easily. You can also adjust the height of the spindle for more precise work. It can drill through thick materials easily for the 6-inch travel of the spindle.

The machine comes with a decent motor of 1 horsepower. The power is sufficient for processing low to high-density materials. What I love most of this drill press is the large 20 by 14 inches’ expandable table. Also, the 18-inch swing size adds more flexibilities in heavy-duty workloads. You can quickly process a lot of items with this Powermatic Drill Press.

This is one of the major products in our drill press reviews for its performance and capacity. The product is made with sturdy materials to last longer. The thick and durable iron construction makes sure less vibration during intensive drilling operations. The overall features, performance and the quality of this DP have every rights to take the price is offers.

Highlighted Features

  • Infinity variable speed during cutting various items accurately
  • 90-degree rotation of the table makes this DP flexible
  • The 1HP motor can drill holes easily in most materials
  • Solid cast-iron construction makes it a stable machine
  • Can works very quickly to cope with busy workloads
  • Has a digital RPM readout to adjust the spindle speed

SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench

SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench

Editor Rating:

The SE 97511MDP is one of the best mini drill presses available in the market. The main reasons people want a mini drill press is for woodwork or other hobby-related purposes. Also, this SE drill press comes with decent built quality and some reliable features, that does perfect work in wood drilling. This DP comes with a small and smart design for using it with ultimate comfort.

The product has a very compact size with the work area dimension of 6-9/16 inches by 6-9/16 inches. The base takes a very low space with 6-5/8” by 6-5/8” dimension. Also, the weight of the product is amazingly light with 2.2 pounds. So, placing and carrying this small drill press is very easy.

Despite its low price, this drill press comes with some advanced features for easy and precise drilling. I love the variable speeds of this small drill press. It can provide three speeds with 5000, 6500, 8000 rotations per minutes. You can adjust these speed very easily during a drilling operation. This various speed makes sure you can have accurate holes through the wood and other materials.

What I love most along with the compact size is the low consumption of power. It takes only 100 watts max for processing decent amounts of woods.  Also, it comes with a solid construction quality. So, you do not have to worry about the service and longevity of this drill press soon.

Some people may question the ability of this DP for its size and power consumption. But you will be surprised with its decent performance. This machine comes with 6mm chuck key. The maximum capacity of this machine is 6 mm, which is modest for an affordable small drill press. If you have wood-working in hobby list, then this SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench is your best drilling choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a small and compact design
  • Can have decent drilling for woods and other materials
  • Can drill large items with a height of 7.5”
  • Low power feature takes only 100 w max
  • Height lever is easy to adjust for comfortable spacing
  • Has 3 different speed adjustable speed (5000 to 8000)
  • Has a chuck key of 6mm and 3 wrenches

DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press

DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press

Editor Rating:

This product is one of the best magnetic drill presses and is in the top chart in our drill press reviews list. The DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press is popular for its cool features and performance. It has overload protection. So, it can process heavy duty items with any problems. The protection system will prevent this machine from wearing and keep thing under control. Therefore, you will have extra security with a powerful drill press machine.

I am very impressed with the powerful 10-amp motor of the DEWALT DWE1622K. It provides excellent performance during drilling in different materials. This powerful motor makes sure of cutting thick materials very easily.

To make the drilling proper and accurate, this machine has two speed control feature. You can choose 300-rpm for bigger cuts or 450-rpm for cutting in a smaller diameter. So, you can cut through various items with an excellent finish.

You will also enjoy the easy speed changes of this Dewalt drill press. It has a quick-release system chuck system. Also, you can change between ¾ inches Weldon shank and ½ inches keyed chuck easily. Also, changing the chuck setting takes a very fewer time considering other drill presses. The travel of the drill is four inches, which is great for working with all sorts of materials. I love this heavy duty beast, that made my works easier.

Despite its excellent power and capacity, this magnetic drill press has a weight of only 35 pounds. This weight is considered very light in this types of drill presses. With these excellent features, the drill press has a very smart design that is easy to carry and placing.

This DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press is perfect for heavy duty drilling experiences. For the excellent quality and features, our experts have picked it in the drill press reviews list.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a powerful 10-amp Motor to process thick materials
  • Can have decent drilling for woods and other materials
  • This drill press is easy to adjust in small spaces
  • This product is very easy to use and maintain
  • Comes with an overload protection system to prevent any damage
  • Has 2 speed adjustable speed with 350 & 450 RPM
  • Has a quick changing chuck system that needs no tool

Buying Guide to Choose the Perfect Drill Press

Choosing the perfect drill press can become very hard. If you do not know the features of a drill press properly. You should also have the knowledge to determine the quality and right aspect for your needs. Once, you learn about the important aspect of a drill press perfectly, then you can determine, which one to choose.

Our experts in tools and machines have come with a short, yet powerful list of aspects that will help you to choose the top quality drill press properly.

Construction of a Drill Press

Basically, a traditional drill press should consist four major parts. The dead, column, table and the base. Most of the better quality drill presses are made with sturdy material, either stainless-steel or dependable metal. If you are looking for a heavy duty drill press, then you should look for an item that is made with stainless steel.

Size of a Drill Press

The size of a drill press can vary for different reasons and items. It is one of the most important aspects of a drill press. Normally, the height of a floor model can be 65 to 76 inches. The taller height has some advantages as it can process bigger surface with ease. Where small table areas will provide less comfort and flexibility. Also, short tables tend to give more vibration which is not very good for accurate drilling. But if you are looking for compact size, which can fit in any workshop then you should choose small sizes. The small sized drill presses are also very easy to carry. You should consider both sides of the size factor before choosing the top drill press.

Understanding the Right Type

One of the major concern in choosing the right drill press is the types of it. There are many types of drill press available on the market. Benchtop drill press, magnetic drill press, metal drill press, floor drill press, etc. To find the right item, you need to understand your need. You need to ask yourself, what kind of metal are going to cut with these drill presses. Are you going to use it regularly? Are you just looking to process woods with the DP? Have you any workshop, which needs to process heavy workloads daily? On the basis of your need, you can choose between, benchtop, floor, and other drill presses. You can read the specification from our drill press reviews and pick out the best one for you.

Power of the Machine

Power consumption is another major aspect in choosing the right drill press. The top quality drill press will have adequate power to process the toughest material. Where DP with less power cannot deliver the same performance. But if you are looking for a machine for woodworking or any other hobby, then DP with moderate power can do the job. If you are concern about the utility bill, then choosing a DP with less power is a wise choice. Therefore, you should consider the material and your needs before choosing the drill press. Powerful drill press also comes with a high price.

Speed Control

As you have to drill holes in different kinds of materials, speed control is a must for precise works. You need a variable speed controller to adjust it according to the thickness and nature of the material. If you are looking to drill metal, you should use a lower speed. Most of the top notch drill press will offer various speed settings. The mores setting you have for controlling the speed, the more accurate will the drilling deliver. Additionally, some of the best drill press have up to 20 settings for controlling speeds. Where 3- 5 settings are decent enough to do the job during most of the drillings.

Depth of the Quill Travel

This is one of the major aspects which many of us tend to forget in considering. The quill travel is very important aspects. You can drill thick material with deeper holes if the drill press has better quill travel. You should consider having 4 inches Quill travel for doing the excellent drilling. If you are looking to work with thinner materials, then a less quill travel will do the job.

Work Light & Laser

You won’t get working light system in all of the drill presses. But it can be a very effective aspect in a drill press. A work light helps you to see things clearly for better and accurate drilling experience. It also helps you to continue drilling in low light condition. The laser also helps you to have precise drilling. If any drill press has this feature, it will make drilling easier and with a better finish. A lot of best quality drill press do not have working light integrated with it. But if you are serious about this feature, then you should read the drill press reviews properly to have it in the item.

Construction and Safety

Construction quality is another important aspect of a drill press. As this machines are involved in heavy working, construction quality will come into play for relentless service. A better drill press will offer durability and sturdiness with a better construction. Where cheaper items will lack longevity. A better-built quality will offer good safety. You cannot also ignore the integrated safety feature of a drill press. The safety feature has overload protection, so your machine doesn’t get burned during heavy usages. It will avoid accidents and make the drilling environment safer.

Final Thoughts

We have collected data and tested the famous drill presses on the market and came up with the top 10 of them. I hope the list of best drill press will help you to have ideas on the top products on the market.

Also, we have provided the buying guide to understand the important aspects to consider before buying a drill press. After reading the buying guide, you will know which features to look at when buying a drill press.

We have provided a brief description of the products in the drill press reviews. If you read this section carefully, you can easily find out the perfect match for your wood and metal work.